What to do with Horse items that don’t fit or won’t work for you…

So… I purchased a fly sheet for Norma Jean my donkey.  I had heard that the zebra prints are good because it confuses flies and they don’t land as frequently.

Well, when the sheet came, I had CLEARLY measured incorrectly.  it didn’t fit at all.  Not even kinda.

I had to find the zebra flysheet a new home.

Now, I could have returned it… even with a few Norma hairs on it.  But, for me, this time, I thought that it would be better to just give it to someone who needed it.

Who would need a tiny fly sheet?  A tiny horse rescue, that’s who.  And for me, my favorite tiny horse rescue is So CA Mini Horse Sanctuary.

I texted them and asked if they could use a super small size 41″, brand new, extra special zebra print fly sheet.  They said, “SURE!”.    So I sent it.

And today, I received this…  warmed my heart.  Totally worth not receiving the return refund.

His name is DeAngelo.  What could be better than this?!

If you have good horse stuff, find who may need it.  It feels good.

The quote on this photo they sent to me said, “ De Angelo modeling his stunning new fly sheet”  (I love the fly mask in the background!)

So dapper!

Thanks for making my day, DeAngelo!


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