We spent the weekend cleaning up the Grass Valley house!

I wish I was cleaning the Grass Valley house for US to move back in… but Hubby has not yet been promoted back to Sacramento, so we have to find another tenant.  (We think we have…)

So this weekend, we went up to the property and did the cleanup that you have to do when a tenant leaves.  I wish I could find a tenant that loved the property like I did… but so far, that hasn’t happened.

I actually loved being there and I loved giving love to the property.  Here are some of the images.

PS:  We had put our blowup bed in the living room which is filled with windows.  On Friday night, there was a huge thunder and lightening storm.  It was AWESOME.


I pressured washed the outside of the house and swept/cleaned the patio. Hubby mowed the lawns/weeds. We did have professional house cleaners but they missed window runners and little details like that.

As you can see, the weeds inside the paddocks are very tall and thick. We need to have a large mower go through there.

It took hours to clean all the dirt, dust and cobwebs in the barn and tack room. I also noticed that the barn needs paint.

Here you can see that a pine tree fell and the root upended the post and boards here.

Another tree came down on the arena gate. So that was replaced as well as the posts and rails. The arena was dragged two weeks ago, but the grass is coming up again.

Look at the dust on the tackroom floor. You can see the marks from where I used the ShopVac. The whole place was a dust bowl. They had left the window open in the tack room and it was a great dust catcher.

Here I’m in the process of cleaning the barn and tack room. I’ve done the cobwebs and stalls and aisle. The lights were so covered in dust, it looked dark in there. Hubby has to change out the lights and brighten the place. We are going back in two weeks to finish the barn and clean out the storage area. *The fun part was that deer were living in the barn and there are TONS of baby birds and bird nests in the walls of the barn.

Here you can see how it was… This is Mama Tess, raiding the hay storage. The place is bright and inviting.

I found this pic, too. You can see that everything is clean and bright. That is MT in the aisle, Bodhi in the stall and Shiva sniffing the floor.


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  1. dawndi Post author

    Me,too. Someday. Maybe after this lease is up. It all depends upon Hubby’s military assignment.

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