We should organize our prayers for rain…or something. This is ridiculous (not complaining)!

I don’t know if Mother Nature was having a tantrum for the last 48 hours… or if too many of us here in CA were praying for rain… but it came.  IT POURED. Heaps.  Sideways.  Driving.  Intense rain.

Now, I’m not complaining (well, a little) and I’m not pretending that we in CA understand bad weather like those of you battling the NorEaster.

However… for us… – and especially for me living on a hilltop with sloppy soil – this has been epic!

RAINFALL measured in feed buckets and wheelbarrows!

I’m posting my photo journal, but suffice it to say, instead of feeding at feeding time…, I went out between weather tantrums.

Yesterday, I dumped all the buckets.  I have not filled any waterers in days…  Yet, they are all full.  This is how I measure rainfall.  Via containers.  Water buckets, feed buckets and wheelbarrows.

his is NJ and Dodger’s HAY bucket. It was dumped yesterday. Today, full of leaves and RAINwater – again. The good part is they love to drink down the fresh water. They just couldn’t keep up!


This is my jacket AFTER I’ve brushed off all the hay… The wind was so bad, I had to tie the hood under my lip, instead of under my chin.

Pure rain water. I set this out to catch rain, and it did!

This was empty yesterday, too. However, I see that BG was using it to dunk her hay. Very convenient.

My wheelbarrow which I had used to feed hay this morning. By this afternoon’s feeding, THE RAIN was at this level. IT CAME POUNDING down in sheets today.

These buckets held food this morning. Now they are full of fresh rain water.

I had my trailer door open. You can see the rain blew inside.

Smartypants Gwendolyn (MT’s first filly) is perfectly dry. She will be 23 on April 23rd this year.

Finn, not so much… These three hooligans play in the mud, lay down in it between freakouts in bad weather. Here, Finn perceives a threat over the hill… nothing there except the wind and the rain.

Their field was barren… and now look at all the green. It came up in just a few days!

Ugh. The Pony Paddock. This is why I will never buy on a hill again.  But look how green it is around here!



I just took these pics.  I think the storm is over.

This is outside our front window. The colors were gorgeous and the sky was almost blue again!

Again, out our front window. The fenced area is the far corner of Finn’s pasture. They have THE BEST view!

This is the view from the kitchen window looking to the back paddocks. Blue skies and green grass. I think Mother Nature is done, for now.

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