As most of you know… our well ran dry in July 2021.

We have been buying water for 9 months, twice a month – while we waited for a new well to be drilled.  We’ve been on the wait list since July.  Last month, they drilled the well, but it took another month to get the new well attached to the tank (so it would fill).  We actually had to purchase another $400 worth of water just this past Monday.  But today, Thursday afternoon…


Our sad, old well head… decommissioned.

I am going to tell you that I have a greater respect for pioneers and people who had to dig wells for water.  Granted, back then, there were less people using the available water so they probably didn’t have to dig as deep as our new well (800 feet), but still – having no water available is HARD.

Nowadays, we are spoiled.  But that’s OK because having water is a great part of progress.  Running out of water is also a part of progress – the bad part.

Today, we are happy!  We can flush toilets and take showers and do laundry and run the dishwasher and water the lawns and irrigate the trees and water the flowers/birdbaths and wash our cars at home and rinse buckets and wash out troughs and hose down horses and fill water troughs and mist the horses this summer and TAKE A BATH!!!  I haven’t had a warm bath to ease sore muscles in a long while.    (Not being able to mist/hose down the horses last summer during the 118 degree heatwave was probably the worst for me, and them.)


There is a huge hole, the size of a swimming pool, in our pasture.  They dig it to put in all the silt and stuff that comes up while they drill.  However, what we didn’t know was that their contract fine print says that they won’t fill it back up.  Wha??   Well then we should be able to dictate the size of hole in the first place because this hole is HUGE and they certainly didn’t need a hole that size… but NO, they dug a HUGE hole and now we have to find someone to fill it – for another large sum of money.

My husband is in shell shock because I hate to tell you what this well cost… and the new pump and now having to backhoe a huge, HUGE hole AND put a fence around the new well head.

But, we have water.


I went outside right after the last of the workmen left.  The place is messy and stuff is strewn about, but I took a video of THE SOUND.  The sound of water filling the tank from the new well.  We have not heard that sound in 9 months.

It is the kind of sound one uses to fall asleep.  It is that good.

Link to video.

Click image to hear the beautiful sound of well water filling our tank!


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