“WE are just one bone shard away from seeing the world anew…”. Watch this amazing scientific finding of how CAMELS are actually from North America and Arctic. Yes, Arctic. Scientists know this… What we believe may not always be true.

I stumbled upon this short, very engaging, delightful Ted Talk.  Although the topic is fun, the message is eye-opening.  Perfect for a Sunday.

Please take the time and amuse your soul with this one.   A great way to look at the world from a different perspective.

You have no idea where camels really come from…

Click here to watch the video.

Camels originated in North America. Click image to watch the video

There were all sorts of camels… Some over 9′ tall. Some as small as rabbits…

The camels left North America on a trek… and settled in hot climates.

But they aren’t ‘from’ hot climates. What if that hump we think stores water, actually stored fat so it could make it through ancient dark winters? And what if those feet we think are perfect for sand, were actually perfect or snow…


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