Wait! Wait! Lemme get my Camera! My life with Laurel and Hardy.

Do you ever wonder if you are actually living your life in a movie script?

I do.

All the time…

Sometimes I’m living a Horror film, sometimes a Romance, sometimes a Thriller… and sometimes, like today, a Slapstick – A Laurel & Hardy/Keystone Cops ridiculous Perils of Pauline film.

You see, I had Violet Beauregard (just like her namesake) and her little buddy, the Gilligan (2 year old Wrigley) outside on the green grass, together.


I mean, they aren’t evil twins or anything like that.  They don’t set out to get into trouble — they just do.  They cannot help themselves.  Stuff just happens.

This phenomenon fascinates me but doesn’t surprise me anymore.

I mean, none of the other horses ever get into trouble.  Everyone else is let out and nothing ever happens.  But these two… Whammo!  If it is out there, they will get into it.

So today while I was upstairs working, I hear…

Slam!  Drrrraggg.  swisshssy, concrete drrrraaaaag …  Blammo!  Bllllammmmooooo!  bangity bang bang bang bang, draaaaaaggity drag.

(I flew down from my office, slipped into my shoes mid-air and jumped over furniture to reach the back door.)

Drraaaagity, POP! Cruuushity Dragity Crush!

I pull open the back door and yell, “HO!”

I have no idea what is actually going on but whatever it is,  I know it needs to STOP.  NOW.


As my eyes focus, I see this:

VB with a bird seed bucket on her hoof… typical.


Obediently, she freezes.

“HOOOOOO.”  I say it again to make sure she gets the point.

She does.

I inspect the situation and realize that there is no damage and no sharp points…

And then it starts… I cannot help myself.  My sides heave as I try to stifle my gawfaws.

“Wait, Wait, (giggle, snort, chortle) lemme get my camera!  HO RIGHT THERE.  Whatever you do, do NOT move until Mommy gets back with the camera…” (snuffle, chortle, snort, gaffaw)


She didn’t move a muscle.  My very good girl stood rock solid as I got my camera and took these photos.  She also let me remove the bird seed bucket without even flicking an ear.

Once I knew there was no harm, I could hardly contain my giggles.

I think she was holding her breath, too.

But that’s not all.

Her partner in crime, Chucklehead Little Buddy Gilligan (Wrigley) was standing at attention nearby.

“Huh?  What happened?”

I snapped this photo of him exactly one second before he smacked himself in the face with the rake handle.

Look closely at this photo…

The little man had his foot on the rake, just ready to flip himself in the noggin.


Never a dull moment with these two…  ;)

I’m not complaining.

I’ll probably miss their shenannygans once they grow out of this stage.  ;)

“Wha?” Wrigley about to smack himself with the rake.

HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth… if you like this, please pass it around!



HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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  1. Cyndy Washburn

    Oh my…. your pic caught my breath, That beautiful mischeivous pony reminds me of a pony that I had that was sold without my permission about 4 years ago. I had her at stable that used her for lessons. The stable owner asked if she could go to a home that had foster children. I agreed so long as I got her back when they didn’t need her anymore. I saw her in the Swap Sheet for sale but by the time I called on her they had sold her. There excuse was they didn’t know the name of the person who purchased her. Someday I had always hoped that I would find her, If she is in a good home so be it. If not then I would love to have her back. Beauty always was getting into some kind of trouble. Not sure where you live but Beauty is somewhere in New York still I believe. She would actually shake her front leg with you like a dog. Beauty would be about 10 years old now. I pray that maybe your pony is her and that she continues to be at your loving home.

  2. Moiselle Bruns

    Lol…..it’s nice to know that someone else has those “whew get by” moments!

    I love your articles! I wish you could bring some attention to your reader about the two Lubbock Texas mules that were purchased by The American Museum of Agricultue. They were trained matched pair of 10-12yr old mules. The museum bought them to have th stuffed and mounted for display. Goggle it or go to save the Lubbock mules….so sad.

  3. Sharon Weishaar

    Thank you so much!! Your horses made me laugh out loud today!! What a wonderful way to start the day. So thankful no one was hurt ;).

  4. Dave Tate

    This is so funny and reminds me why i still so love my horse Jasper he gets in to things and does so many funny things in his daily menandering that i stay in awe all the time its wonderful yet it is crazy the things they get in to just being our babys huh

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