How I have Vitality again – Managing Lyme Disease

Many of you have asked how I am doing regarding my Lyme Disease.  Many of you have told me that you also have auto-immune diseases – or have friends who suffer – and would like to know what I have learned.

So, today is the day!

Please know that I believe each human has individual symptoms according to their constitution. So, what I have done for myself may not be exactly correct for any other person.

Also, I know how frustrating it is for auto-immune sufferers to try many different protocols – to no avail.  Truly, I was almost to the brink – so I have great empathy for those who are looking for relief and have tried almost everything.

I am not a Doctor – and I am guessing that most doctors would not have experience with what I have posted below.  I am only telling you all what I did to help myself.


For many years, I have been very sore in the joints of my knees and hips.  Feeding the horses was a trial for a very long time… riding was out of the question because Lyme has effected my brain and coordination.  I did not feel stable in the saddle.

I was no longer was able to do my job well  (commercial producer) due to the stress, long hours and physical strength needed to endure the high pressure and lack of sleep.  This was the most upsetting for me.  I was not who I used to be.


The specialists put me on Doxycyline for 9 months.  I have been on the strongest anti-inflammatories available.   I have been prescribed several auto-immune suppressors.  For me, they didn’t help.

I’ve tried many homeopathic and naturopathic tinctures (hair of the dog) that were created to jump start the immune system.  For me, the herxing (the symptoms that arise) was too great for me to continue.


*Please know that these are not ‘cures’.  I know they are not cures because if I fall off the wagon, I immediately notice weakness again.  However, I have never fallen to the depths of how I felt when I wasn’t doing these protocols.


The first thing I did for myself was follow the Paleo diet for immuno diseases.  Basically, this is eating NOTHING white.  No sugar, no flour, no dairy.

It also says to have no root vegetables, no tomatoes and no eggs.

This is tough.  But, if you do most of this, you will feel much better.  (I still have wine and ice cream occasionally …. but for the most part,  If I stick to this diet , I feel much better.)

I also make a protein and vitamin packed smoothie every morning.  Here are two ingredients that have helped me.  Sun Warrior Protein Powder and Dr. Schultze’s Super Food. After using both of these products every morning, I notice a significant change in my entire day. Another great benefit of a morning drink is that I am not tempted to eat bread products or dairy. So that helps.  (Don’t forget to add magnesium to your diet – or take a supplement.)


It was interesting… my specialist at UC Davis told me that there is no cure for auto-immune diseases.  He told me that I had to re-train my cells since I had pushed them into ‘high alert’ by my constant over stress..

Well, behold this… who knew?!  A way to help your cells relearn stasis. No more constant ‘high alert’ – which is a layman’s way of explaining ‘auto-immune response’.

I put a drop on the bottom of my foot before I go to bed.  This bottle will last a very long time.


Ok, this was the last step that I have taken which put me over the hump. When I swallow these pills religiously, I notice a huge difference in my day.  HUGE.  I would recommend these supplements to anyone with an auto-immune disease – or any kind of disease.  *Note, please make sure you don’t have any allergies to the ingredients.

Do-Terra Lifelong Vitality Pack.  I highly recommend this Vitality Pack.  I believe this is what has boosted me to where I am today.  I feel pretty good most of the time now!  I’m happy, hopeful and have the ability to exercise.

These products have really, really changed my life.


Sometimes, I overdo it and feel run down.  When that happens, I find that a drop of each of these oils (Melissa and On Guard) in water, stops the ‘ugh, I’m getting sick’ feeling.  I have not had a cold since I’ve been taking these.  I also have not had a huge Lyme flare.


These are the specific items that work well for me.  I have no affiliation.

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  1. Sam steven

    Indeed a great article! One of my friend was diagnosed with this disease and i researched a lot about it as it was really something You should never ignore any symptoms or signs as the most commonly associated sign is similar to that of a bullseye-shaped rash. Fatigue, nausea, Fever are some other symptoms. This disease affects humans as well as animals. You can also refer to this article as it has some detailed information about this disease – If left untreated, Lyme disease can cause significant health issues, including nerve pain, arthritis, and cognitive and neurological problems it’s important to get a diagnosis and treatment as soon as possible before more severe Lyme disease symptoms develop.

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