Vet saves Dog choking on Ball – see how!

Many of you might have already seen this method to save a dog choking on a ball… but I think everyone should see this so I’m posting.  Perfect for a Sunday!

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Yesterday, two unrelated large dogs were rushed into the ER while choking on a ball (one tennis ball, one solid rubber ball) coincidentally within one hour of each other. Although not a common emergency, this is something veterinarians can see from time to time.
Most often, panicked vets will try prying the ball out of the back of the dog’s throat with their hands or forceps instruments, which has a high rate of failure, and the dog will then require emergency tracheostomy to prevent suffocation. Sometimes, many times, it’s too late.
There is a technique that is miraculously not widely enough known called the external extraction technique, which almost always results in the quickest ability to remove a ball lodged in the back of the throat and blocking the airway. With permission from both of these dogs’ owners, we are sharing these two videos to spread awareness in the hopes that many other lives will be saved in the future.
Both dogs, especially the second dog, were in life threatening conditions when they arrived but after the swift action of our awesome cohesive team of doctors, nurses, and assistants, they are expected to make a continued complete recovery.
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HERE IS ANOTHER VIDEO TO SHOW YOU HOW – WATCH THIS, it shows the “J-stroke method”…  click here

Click image to watch an in depth explanation on a dummy dog


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