AN UPDATE ON THE ‘STANG GANG’: Remi, Rojo and Sam! They have a new herdmate!

I received some pics of Rojo, Remi and Sam yesterday.

Totally warms my heart.

Just look at this incredible rock behind them!  They look like happy, wild horses again!


Rojo, Sam and Remi living the dream at SkyDog Ranch Sanctuary!  They look nice and plump going into winter.


As much as I miss them, my new place cannot even compare to how they are living now.

SKYDOG (FB) feeds them twice a day and they have fresh, spring water.

Look at that landscape! I’m sure if the photo was closer, we’d see smiles on their faces!

Wait a minute... who's the new guy? I see Sam and Remi and Rojo and...

Wait a minute… who’s the new guy? I see Sam and Remi and Rojo and…


Clare, owner of SKYDOG, sent these photos and told me that my group was such a congenial crowd that they felt comfortable to put in a new mustang who had no friends.  His name is Foxy.  Here is Clare’s description of him:

Foxy was rescued at auction recently when a kill buyer was bidding on him. We know nothing about him – We think he is six years old from Nevada and red like a fox – he is a very nervous horse and when he was in holding, he kicked down fence after fence trying to get to the other horses and would try and jump fences as he is super scared and all he ever wanted was a herd to feel safe with. He ran straight up to your three and none of them reacted badly to him – Remi and Sam are very motherly towards him and Rojo seems to enjoy having a male friend so all is good!

Lucky boy!  He looks like Wrigley to me!  I’m glad my horses were so welcoming!

Foxy reminds me of Wrigley. I'm sure Wrig wishes he was there, too!

Foxy reminds me of Wrigley. I’m sure glad my group took him in!  Warms my heart.


Foxy marching up to see Clare, the photographer. (Rojo, Sam and Remi in the background).  LOOK at that backdrop.  Stunning!


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  1. Pat Reavy

    SkyDog Ranch looks fantastic. I’m so happy you found the perfect place for the mustang herd. Foxy is one lucky guy, too. They do a great job in taking care of the horses and yet letting them have their freedom. I’m sure you’re happy knowing they get daily feedings and care so if there was any kind of a problem the people at SkyDog would see it immediately. A good placement.

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