Even though I have not been posting these past several months…  I have used the monthly donations (automatic payments to the Bucket Fund Foundations) to help two horses.   The first horse was back on August 10th, which was the anniversary of my Mom’s passing.   I actually used money she had left to me to rescue this mare who we named, Donna, after my Mom.

Here she is, in her gear still, at the auction.  Unbelievable.  You’d think they would have untacked her and sold the tack, at least take the weight off of her meatless bones.  This made me ill.

Here is Donna before, at the Feedlot in Texas.

This is Donna, at the feedlot in Texas. This was on August 10, the year anniversary of my Mom’s passing.

Here is Donna now!


I chose All Seated in a Barn twice for the simple reason that I am already familiar, I can ask questions and get quick responses – and, they go to auctions often.  So, I knew that if I wanted to give money to a suitable needy horse quickly and without much time expended, it could be done easily through All Seated in a Barn.  Hence, when the automatic monthly donations filled up the Bucket Fund, I asked ASIAB to send a pic of who we could help immediately.

Maximillian was it.

This big, beautiful Percheron gelding was at the feedlot auction with a bad eye.  No one but meat buyers were going to bid on him with that injury, so ASIAB asked if we would help save him and help pay for his surgery.


This photo is of Maximillian at the feedlot.  You may not be able to distinguish, but he has an injury above his eye which probably was the cause of his pushed-in eyeball.  The eye needed to come out.

If you click on the below image of Max, a video will play.  Or just click here.

Click image to watch video of Max at the feedlot


Max had his surgery almost immediately after being removed from the feedlot.  Here he is today!  Pain free and starting his recovery and new life!

After surgery

Drugged but cured! Starting his new life!

The donation receipt for Max.



FUND TOTAL AS OF TODAY:  $540 (Thank you!)   We’ve saved POWDER PUFF 2/7/22 ($800),  EDDIE 2/9/22 ($1200), SURSHA 3/16/22 ($780),  BABY FRED 4/7/22 ($650), “CC” Close Call  5/17/22 ($550), PACIFICA  5/22/22 ($780).  DONNA  8/10/22 ($600). Maximillian 11/8/22 ($700)

Horse and Man Foundation, Inc has a new Fund button. KEEP THEM OFF THE TRUCK FUND. This Fund will go on all day, all the time. It will always be here. If you want to save a horse or donkey from slaughter, you know we will do that here.

All donations are 100% tax deductible!  Thank you!

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  1. Joanne Stefanyshyn

    Thank you Dawn for the care and attention you devote to horse rescues, even with everything else going on in your life! I choose to believe that every horse rescue helps redeem the human race at least a little bit.

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