UPDATE on our Bucket Fund Donkey Pony 5!

We have a week left in this month… so we still have time to help them all!  But I wanted to give you a happy update on the three that we have helped today!

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OK, here was the original pic.

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As of yesterday, we had enough donated to get three of them re-homed before the holidays!  And, luckily, one of you readers, who happens to live in Grass Valley, offered her home to the pregnant jenny and the two mini horses.  *I have actually seen the proposed home, and I was very, very excited when I heard that she was interested in these three.

Things moved quickly and the fuzzies arrived this morning to their new home where they will be fussed over and treated like royalty.

Happy Sigh.  I love when things work out so well.

Can you believe this?!  From kill pen in Texas to horsey nirvana in Grass Valley… I only wish I could tell the person who braided the mini’s hair before they were dropped off in the kill pen.  Now THAT would be the perfect Christmas gift.

The mini pair and the pregnant jenny arrived at Jen’s house this morning. Everything happened quickly and wonderfully for these equines and this lovely human.


If you have the inclination, we’d love to do the same for the remaining two equines (pony and jenny) who were in a kill pen in Texs – and maybe another if we can-!  Their fees (for bail, vetting, meds, worming, feet, transportation from Texas…) is $350 each.  Not much considering all that has happened since they were saved from the Donkey Hide Tea market and kill pen.

All donations are 100% tax deductible!  THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

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