UPDATE on our August Bucket Fund Horses: Dorothy and Willie… a long way to go.

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Small and terrified 24 year-old mustang Dorothy was found in a feedlot in Kansas.  She was emaciated and fighting for food against draft horses.

Willie is an older mustang who was sent to a meat feedlot – where he contracted Strep.  Willie was very, very ill.

Your donation helps with their medical bills, quarantine, feet/teeth and travel expenses to their new home at Skydog!

Tiny Dorothy on the left. Very ill Willie on the right. Both are older mustangs destined for Skydog Sanctuary once their conditions improve.

All donations are 100% tax deductible!  Thank you in advance for helping these poor, older mustangs.  They deserve the best care possible, which they will receive at Skydog!  THANK YOU!!

Please read the update below…

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Dorothy has made it to Skydog!  She is very malnourished and wants to eat everything available, including her stall bedding.  The poor girl has been so starved, she is eating anything.

The vet says she is more like 30 years old (than 24)!!!   Could you imagine dropping off a 30 year old mare to the feedlot?! – This sweet, old, mustang mare was adopted ages ago and probably spent her life carrying humans…  Awful.  Just awful.

The note we received from Skydog:

The vet found her to have sinus issues and serious suspensory ligament damage.  She has been lame on her back left and tomorrow has to go to bend equine for the surgeon to look in her mouth or her brain for a mass.  She is also having injections in her hock for the pain and swelling in her leg.

Here is Dorothy at Skydog. She is very skinny… and her feet and teeth needed to be done.

A closeup of her hoof before trimming.

Dorothy’s hoof after trim! (Note the peeling of the nail… poor nutrition)

Willie is still in quarantine and receiving medical care.  He has a very severe case of strep.  Willie will hopefully be motoring to Skydog when he is  healthier, stronger, out of quarantine and the temperatures are a bit lower – a few weeks.

A message from Skydog:

Willie will make the trip from Texas to Malibu next week, weather permitting.  You can almost see what he has been through in his tired and weary eyes…Such soft, tired and weary eyes.

Willie’s tired and weary eyes… but at least his strep is healing!

Sweet, very ill, Willie.

Every little bit helps!  Both of these horses have so long to go… but their wonderful, free future awaits them at Skydog… with the very best of care for the rest of their deserving lives.

THANK YOU, in advance!

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