UPDATE on our 53 Bucket Fund horses (Pregnant mares/weanlings/yearlings) in dire need – THEY STILL NEED SO MUCH HELP! Can you donate? Thank you!!

It has been a week since we started our Bucket Fund for the 53 mustang horses seized from an unnatural and very neglected situation.  Many of the mares are pregnant and starved to Heineke 1… the weanlings and yearlings are all stunted from lack of nutrition.  You can read their story here.

We are halfway there! Please help if you can.  There are many people doing their best to help these horses, with very little funds.  Please, let’s help the good humans right this wrong!

Thank you, thank you!

All donations are 100% tax deductible!

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This is the 22 year-old very pregnant mare last week (on left) and a bit better – bathed and loved – a week later on the right.

THE  OTHERS… There are 53,  STUNTED BABIES AND YEARLINGS! – their heavy, rough coats hide the skin and bones.

All of the babies (weanlings and yearlings) are stunted with rough coats.  All are now being fed, watered and doctored iin very safe housing.  But, they still are very skinny and sick.  THEIR HEAVY COATS hide a lot of their skin and bones.

Please donate if you can.  This means so much to this herd who were stuck in small quarters without food.

THIS IS A YEARLING!!  STUNTED HORRIBLY.   But, they are standing on hay and are now properly being doctored, fed, watered and trained – note the halter!

THIS IS A WEANLING FROM LAST YEAR!!  A stunted and rough coated weanling… with halter (Yay!) and drinking fresh water!

This skinny mare with the visible backbone, is full of mange – which they are treating.

A very poorly yearling… wormy belly and visible topline.

This very skinny grey mare had her foal! The foal took all the nutrition from Mama, but both are being cared for and Mama is getting better. Please help the humans help these horses!


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