UPDATE! JACK AND CHEWY HAVE BEEN FOUND!!! Click to read the story!

Such great news and a small world story… too!

Jack and Chewy have been found!

To read the initial story, click here.

Jack and Chewy were stolen out of the Madonna Inn pastures in San Luis Obispo.  These are large pastures with a landmark hotel right next door!  This local (to me) theft was unbelievable!

Here was the photo from the original story:

The original FB post




Besides being elated that these horses were found unharmed – unharmed probably because of the extensive networking and the notifying of all brand inspectors and auction houses – these thieves had no where to sell the stolen horses.  Of course, the thieves didn’t have to return Jack and Chewy, but through the grace of the horsegods, they did.

Here is what I know:

The Jack Ranch is along Highway 46… with many gates and turnouts…

I work for Hearst Ranch Winery.  Hearst Ranch purchased the Jack Ranch many years ago.  At the time, the Jack Ranch was one of the largest ranches in CA.  So, imagine the size of this ranch… and also know that the Jack Ranch faces a very long, well traveled highway.  However, there are many turnoffs and gates for the Jack Ranch off of the Highway.

These stolen horses suddenly ‘appeared’ in one of the huge Jack Ranch pastures that faces the highway near a gate.  Early this morning (yesterday now…), cowboys from the Hearst Ranch (who now run cattle on the Jack ranch since Hearst Ranch now owns it) – found these two horses wandering around.  There was no way that 2 domestic horses could find their own way onto this property…   The Hearst Ranch cowboys knew something wasn’t right so they called the authorities.  The authorities, of course, had been looking for these exact horses… so… SAVED!

A great ending and an amazing coincidence that my co-workers happened upon these horses.

I’m so glad (and I know you are, too), that these horses didn’t end up anywhere but where they belonged.

HUGE SIGH of relief!

Thank you, Hearst Ranch Cowboys!


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  1. Doris McQuiddy

    Amazing!!! I love a good story and this one had a perfect ending. I am so glad for everyone.

  2. Susan B

    So glad for this good outcome! Still
    Worrying that they were stolen for a meat auction and that others may be targeted. But very happy these guys made it home safe!!

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