Update Day! Lucy with the hole in her head, Equine Chia arrival and my Sweetbird Pendant is here!

Some of you may remember the graphic pics of the little filly who was injured while in the killpen.  Her Mama was pulled and shipped.  Poor baby smacked herself against the gate during the process.

Lucy right after her vet visit last week.

Luckily for her, little Lucy was spotted by a Feedlot workman and rescuers were called in.

Lucy was taken to the vet.  Her wound was flushed and treated.

She will be fine.

Much better!

And, look how the little sweetie is healing!

Lucy is in foster care right now but she does have a Forever Home!  This little one had a rough start but everything is looking up for her now!


Whatta sweetie!



Wow!  I ordered the stuff, uh yesterday or the day before, and it is here already!

Wow!  Those people are FAST!

It arrived so fast!

Anyway, I cannot wait to start using it again as it really helped my ponies keep their topline fit, their hooves strong and their coats dappled.  I read that chia is high in Omega Alphas and antioxidants and that humans should be eating it as well.

I also know that it becomes a geL when mixed with water so they say this helps coat the stomach and protect against ulcers as well as pick up sand along the way.  So, it is supposed to help the stomach and clear the gut of sand and dirt.

This is what it looks like...

All I know is that it has really helped my senior ponies.  So, I’m sticking with it.  They only need a fraction of what a horse needs so the price is negligible for such great benefits.  But, it is relatively inexpensive as a daily supplement for a large horse, too.

I would use it on all of my horses but I have most of them ‘testing’ a bunch of other supplements so I cannot cross-pollinate.

Anyway, I wanted you to see how it comes, what it looks like and what it looks like when it is soaked.

If you’d like to order some,  you can click this link.

Please let me know how it works for you!

This is how it looks after being in water for 10 mins. It is like jelly. Click on image to go to website. (It looks like baby frogs, doesn't it?...)



In case you weren’t aware, the price of sterling silver is skyrocketing..

In response to this, Sweetbird Studio (one of my favs) has started creating their Human, Equine and Dog tags in pewter so that most of us can afford them.

I saw her ad about this in COWBOYS & INDIANS magazine… so I pounced!  (You can read my original post here.)  I purchased the pewter PROTECT THIS RIDER necklace.

This is the ad I saw in COWBOYS AND INDIANS magazine. The necklace is what I purchased. But, I also have the sterling horse tag pictured (love it). And, while reading her website, I see that the tag the dog is wearing helps the Tsunami victims in Japan!

It arrived today!  I LOVE IT.  So, I’ve photographed it for you…

It comes with this sweet pouch and all of these artsy enclosures!

It isn’t as large as my sterling “Protect this Horse” tag that I purchased for Finn.  And, it isn’t personalized.  But, for $35 (for any price, really…), this little necklace is DARLING.  Two-sided.  The back says, “And the horse she rode in on”.

This is headless me...

The back.

I’m tickled with mine.  I think I will put it on a leather chain.  I wear leather strung jewelry often.

I have several extra leather pieces around – especially because I purchased the incorrect thickness of leather for saddle strings.  I’ve got A LOT of thin leather strips around…

Anyway, I’m thrilled.  If you would like to check out this necklace on her site, click here.

Oh, and Sweetbird Studio will no longer be selling to stores.  So, the only way to get her jewelry is through her website.  I could spend hours perusing it.  I actually spent about an hour this morning.  I fell in love with this necklace, among other things…  Sigh.


I love this one... as well as many others. Sigh.



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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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