AN UPDATE on our Bucket Fund Horses Sugar and Jackie; two of the 30 Flood victims!

First of all, let me tell you that the outpouring of support for Dr. Lee and her selfless act of bringing in and tending to 30 stray Louisiana flood victim horses – has been astounding!  A response like this makes the heart sing.  (If you missed the September Bucket Fund story, click here.)

We have received prayers and donations from all across the US as well as Canada, Ireland and the UK!  The internet is vast!  Thank you all for forwarding this incredible story of faith and charity.

We’ve collected more than we thought we could… which is wonderful in so many ways but especially because Sugar is now presenting with neurological signs.  She is being given meds and blood drawn.  They are awaiting lab results – which isn’t easy in a flood zone.

Here is a note from Dr. Lee:

Wow I am so humbled….seriously want to cry right now. About to doctor Sugar …we are still fighting this nasty virus….so got to drop her with DMSO. Will send pics later….thank you so much- u have no idea how much it’s appreciated. I told my husband last night that we were doing this to help/bless others but yet we are the ones that are being blessed. It’s almost like a guilty feeling because we didn’t set out for this – but we are so grateful and humbled by everyone’s generosity. So thank you so much.

Sugar in the stocks, waiting for treatment.

Sugar in the stocks, waiting for treatment.


Dr. Lee has taken in over 30 horses, but we decided to focus on the worst 2:  Sugar and Jackie.

Jackie was found tied to a sandbag on the road after a Good Samaritan got to her and led her to higher ground.  She had been in the water for 4-5 days.  Here is a pic of her when she was in the water before anyone could get to her.  She is actually standing on the highest part of her farm.  It took a few days for someone to get her and tie her to the sandbag.

This is when Jackie was first reported. The photo was taken by someone with a phone. She was stuck there, on the highest part of her farm, for 5 days. When someone finally reached her, she was then tied to the sandbag and left to be collected.


These are her legs before all the dead skin fell off. They were horribly swollen and sore. But Dr. Lee says that once the skin was gone, she felt better.  They applied honey under her wraps to ease the pain and help the skin release.  Interesting.

Screen Shot 2016-09-08 at 7.02.26 PM

This is Jackie today! All the skin is gone off of her front legs and half of her back legs. But, she is bright.


Sugar is the worst case.  She was in the deepest, putrid water for 5-6 days.  Although Sugar is feeling much better after her dead skin has sloughed, she started to show neurological signs yesterday.

Immediately, Dr. Lee started her on antibiotics and DMSO.  They’ve drawn blood and sent it off to the lab (which is tough to do in these flood lands…), so they should have results soon.

Caring for Sugar will be long term, for sure.  No one has any idea of her prognosis since this is new territory… but if they can figure out what virus she has that is effecting her, they will have a better idea of prognosis.  In those waters, it could be anything.

For now, they are keeping her happy, comfortable and fed.  I’ve been told that Sugar is VERY AFFECTIONATE and wants constant touches and comfort.

I bet she does… after all she’s been through…

Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 5.36.17 PM

Click the image of Sugar to watch the video of her walking today.

Click the image of Sugar to watch the video of her walking today.

Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 1.55.14 PMIF YOU’D LIKE TO DONATE to help Jackie, Sugar and the other 28 flood horses in Dr. Lee’s care, please click this link.  Although we have surpassed our goal, the costs of caring for these horses is way more than we asked to receive.  So, please send prayers and donate if you feel moved.

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