Do you all remember our July Bucket Fund Horse – brand new baby mustang, Milan?  He had to be rescued  – even though his wild herd fled into the quarry during the summer fires – the smoke has scarred his little lungs and he had pneumonia.  He couldn’t get up.

You can read his story here.

This desperate photo of his mother standing by, not able to rouse her newborn. After he was rescued, the vets saw massive pneumonia from the smoke inhalation due to the summer fires.

It was touch and go… for a while, he was not thriving. But, this little guy pulled through… thanks to your support and donations, he was able to have the best care possible!

Well… LOOK AT HIM NOW! – He is huge!

It was touch and go for a long time there… he was just too young to have so much damage.  But, he pulled through and his new owner LOVES him so much!

No one thought he would grow like this!  It was assumed that he would be stunted.  But not this mustang!

THANK YOU ALL for contributing to his welfare and healing.

This is Milan! He’s still a weanling. HE IS HUGE!


Our December Bucket Fund is for the ongoing care of the 70+ horses saved by SKYDOG Sanctuary.  I know it is tough to give when there is no urgency associated with the photos… but just know that there was drama, and Skydog went through high water to rescue each and every one of these Days of Christmas horses!

If you receive this via email, to donate for Petula’s care, click here!

Today is Petula’s story. 

(She is one of my favorites, simply because she is the only mule – and her ears were nipped short from frostbite.  Could she be any cuter?!)  You could donate for her care or sponsor her!  I would happily create an Holiday Certificate if you’d like to make this a GIFT DONATION!  Just let me know on the Pay Pal box or email me

Click image to donate for Petula!

From Skydog:

Petula is such an adorable old lady.  We found her in a feedlot in Fallon Nevada and they were sure she was 12-15 years old.  She is a very rare BLM branded mule and looks more like a hinny due to the fact that the tips of her ears were lost to frostbite.  We have no idea why she ended up abandoned in a feedlot but she is our treasure.  
She loves cuddles more than any horse here and especially loves hugs from barkley our great dane who wraps his arms around her to greet her every morning.  She has a few bangs and scrapes and seems to have been left to fend for herself somewhere as she was covered with ticks when we got her home to us.
We adore her.  She is Skydog’s only mule and she couldn’t be happier to wander her pasture looking for new spots and adventures.


EVERY horse at Skydog has the opportunity to be sponsored by one or two humans.  How wonderful, eh?  If you sponsor a horse, you can go visit Skydog!
It is easy!  Click here and write to Skydog about sponsorship.

Click to go to website and learn about sponsoring Petula!

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