UPDATE on the 10 horribly neglected TBs in Indiana who we helped earlier this month!

In the beginning of this month, we helped the 10 TBs who were horribly neglected and starving…

There was an ongoing investigation, so as soon as we had started fundraising, the officials were afraid of showing any photos that might hurt their case, so we had to remove most of our photos… and we couldn’t speak about the case.  So, we elected to wait until the last donation came in, and we closed that Bucket Fund.

Luckily, we had $1600 collected!!  That was awesome considering we couldn’t post photos or talk about it!

Here is one of the photos from their Bucket Fund:


The perpetrator will be charged.  So, that’s good.

Yes, 2 passed away… from the neglect.  But the rest are recovering…

I do have news on one of the horses that I am allowed to show to you.

This is ‘DIVA’ who will be going to Voice for Horses Rescue Network

She will have a permanent heart issue from this horrible experience, but at least she will live in sanctity and health.

Diva recovering from her horrible experience.

This was Diva before she was neglected.


Thank you all for doing such a great job of support!  Good thoughts, Prayers and donations are wonderful!

Here is a note from Voice for Horses Rescue:

“We really appreciate it it makes a big difference and helps so much more than you know…”.

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