Two Videos… Stick Horse Dressage and A Mini Barrel Horse!

Both of these videos were sent to me over FaceBook.  So, I’m sorry if they have already made the rounds to you…

But, I wanted to note both of these videos for a few reasons which I’ll explain below.


Click to watch this Dressage Stick Horse comparison (Totilas) video!

The primary object of this video is to show a man riding dressage on a stick horse, re-creating the ride of the famous dressage stallion, Totilas.

Yes, I found this charming and it did put a smile on my face…

I was impressed that this young man took this task so seriously.  He is dressed beautifully.  He never breaks character and he does his job with devotion.

Also, being a Producer, I was impressed that someone took the time to watch the Totilas video carefully and note key timings and comparison points.  Nice touch.  I also valued that the editor matched those key points via the little viewing box in the lower left corner (you can watch the actual video simultaneously with the stick horse video).

Obviously, this was created for its entertainment value.  But, to me, it is also a very clever presentation of a more subtle message…

The MOST impressive part of this for me, was that this rider, throughout this ride, really showed me (a novice at dressage) how the horse is supposed to move… Enlightening.  And, how TIRING it is!  This poor guy must have been exhausted after several extended trots, piaffes and extended canters!  He doesn’t give it away, but you can see that he fades just a bit towards the end.  And, can you blame him?

Watching the collection and athletic ability of this young man only drives the point home of how difficult and strenuous it is for a dressage horse at any level but the upper levels particularly.

Very worthwhile watching and amusing at the same time.

My hats are off to Christiane Noelting Dressage who took the time to organize this and put it onto FB.   Great inspiration and great execution!


Click here to watch this adorable mini barrel racer duo!

OMG!  I had to call Hubby over to watch this video.  Too, too cute!

Clearly, you cannot watch this without a smile on your face…  The Mom, the little girl and the pony are just classic.  Really.  You need to click on this link to brighten your day!

The reason I’m posting this video for you here today is certainly because it is cute and we need a smile daily – but also because I saw something in this video that shouted out at me:   Simplicity.

I know many barrel racers and they are all very dedicated and serious about what they do.  Sometimes, from my viewpoint, it gets a little too serious, if you know what I mean…  The competition is fierce.  And, not only that, the competition in the parking lot is fierce.  From my experience, I’ve seen tack/clothes/trailer/jewelry wars so often  at barrel racing events that I’ve inadvertently gotten caught in the crossfire.

Now, I’m not saying that all barrel racers are like this.  (As I said, I have several barrel racer friends…).  Or, that all barrel racers have an attitude of schoolyard comparison bravado.   I’m just saying that I’ve noticed that sometimes the ‘fun’ of barrel racing gets lost in the ‘pomp’ of barrel racing – to me.

So, watching this tiny but tight barrel racing duo have at it with gusto and hilarity warmed my heart.  I truly felt that this little girl and this little pony were having a BLAST!  That is what it is all about.  Obviously, the pony wasn’t any genetic treasure (well, he/she could be, but not in the barrel horse way), the saddle wasn’t weighted in silver, the little girl didn’t have all the bells and whistles of adornment and they didn’t hit all the barrels perfectly.  But, it was one of the best barrel rides I’ve ever witnessed.  To me, this was memorable.

What got me the most was that the pony LOVED IT!  This little mighty might of a sprite little pony was digging it from the start to the finish. This little pony was my hero.  He/she just lit up that arena and got the job done with glee.  Love that! And, the little girl was so into it, she was totally “in the zone”.  She wasn’t worried about anything except getting the job done, hanging on, trusting her pony and having a GREAT time.  Loved it, loved it, loved it.

I wish I could figure out the perfect job for all of my horses so they’d go out with a huge horsey smile and do their jobs with gusto.  Just like us — do what you love and you’ll be happy… It translates to the horses.  Just look at that pony GO!

If anyone knows that precious pony, this cute little girl, or her mother, please let them know how wonderful they are and how much I’ve appreciated watching them!


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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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  1. Mari

    This little girl was born on a horse – must be MT where I have watched barrel racing. Have I ever barrel raced? Yes, but not at mach speed!! This video is priceless…..

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