Two more reasons why everyone should have a donkey.

I tell myself that whenever I go out to see the horses, I need to bring my camera.

Every.  Single.  Time.

That’s what I tell myself.

But, the reality is that my summer wardrobe generally had no pockets, so invariably, I forget my camera.

And, I forgot it these last two days when Mo has been amazingly donkish.


I walked out to feed the other afternoon … and I saw Mo with a rather large tree stake (one we used to support a large Pepper tree but was now used as the lizard saver in the water trough), chasing Missy Miss with it in his mouth.

Now, this was a large stick.  It is the kind that you can put in a 75 gallon trough tank so that any critter can climb out.

He had it in his mouth, and was deliberately chasing Missy Miss around, threatening to smack her with it.

I swear.

Of course, I didn’t have my camera.


Today, just now, I went out to feed hay – after already feeding buckets at noon – and I see Mo with his orange (hook over the fence) bucket in his mouth, banging Missy Miss on the hind quarters.

He was literally swinging it up and down her rump, thumping her both ways.

She was ignoring him.

When the little party broke up because they saw that I was out there to feed, Mo carried his bucket around for at least 10 minutes.

I think he saw a dual purpose.  The first was to bang on his friend.  The second was to ask me for more bucket contents.

And again, I didn’t have my camera.

Adopt a donkey.  They are always entertaining… and very loving.

The Amazing SatchMo.

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  1. Bunny

    Love love LOVE all things donkey – esp. the miniature donkeys. So few of them in the PNW these days, formerly a fairly large group of folks who bred, raised and competed with minidonks in northern Cal but even that group is pretty quiet these days – just so few places to exhibit minidonks outside of the SE, midwest and esp. Texas and environs. Seems like the state fairs have even cut back on classes at the horse shows associated with fairs. I have one horse who is flat terrified of anything longears and for that reason alone I don’t have a donkey – or preferably two donks as they really prefer their own kind – on my farm. But love to hear about others’ donkeys and see photos. Thanks for posting this story and photo!

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