As you may have heard me say previously, Norma Jean (my 25 years-old jenny) has donkey psoriasis on her legs.  It comes every summer and no vet had any idea how to cure it.

I did find a cure: Fungus Free Plus (you can read about it here), but I needed a secure leg wrap to keep the her more comfortable while she heals. (As an aside, Fungus Free Plus now comes with an internal formula which I will start in the Spring next year.  I cannot wait!  Imagine if she never erupted in sores again?!)

Anyway, when Sox for Horses contacted me to see how they could help the Houston Flood victim horses (nice of them), my interest was peaked.

–Could this work for skinny legged Norma Jean?

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I had tried several different kinds of light wraps (too hot here for normal leg wraps) and modified tube socks… – all to no avail.  They would work for a few hours, then she would pull them off.

When my Sox for Horses arrived… I have the Silver Whinnys – (advertised as “The Antimicrobial Fly Barrier and Bandage Alternative”) – the application seemed daunting…  There are instructions that involve a plastic bag and a very small looking sock.


EXCEPT, it was actually very easy.  Applying the plastic bag onto the hoof before scooting on the sock, made it all go fairly smoothly.

I then pulled them up and adjusted the hoof area – Voila!  They were on.

And they stayed on for 3 days – long enough for the medicine to take effect.  When I needed to reapply the medicine, I just pulled down the sock.


I have 2 pair, so when it was time to change them, I simply slid on the next pair.

Washing was easy – just remember not to put  in a dryer sheet.

This is Norma Jean… looking bewildered that I kept trying all kinds of lightweight wraps – that she immediately destroyed. I was trying to protect her legs so the psoriasis could heal, and to protect her from summer flies.

The people from Sox for Horses sent a set of Sox for me to try! I was skeptical that they would stay on and that they would be too hot for our summers. But I was WRONG on both counts!

Here is Norma wearing the first sock I applied. Easy! And it stayed on for 3 days! When I needed to reapply the medicine, I just pulled down the sock and then pulled it back up. I have 2 pair so that I always have one set available while washing the other. This application cut the healing time in half! And she was more comfortable without the flies, for sure!

SUMMER FLIES – why not just use fly spray?!

Some of you might be wondering why I don’t just slather on natural oils or natural sprays to keep the flies away..  The answer is, I DO!  The heat is so intense, applying oils is an almost non-stop thing.  So, when I’m really busy, these socks help the fly fight.  I can apply spray in the morning or evening, and know that she will be comfortable all day.


Norma’s legs would have healed from the Fungus Free Plus application… however, using the Sox sped up her healing time – and relieved her from the flies, which was a bonus!  Having her comfortable was a true relief!

This photo is from the Sox for Horses website. It just shows another application for a stalled horse.

OTHER APPLICATIONS – summer flies, winter circulation

I think these SOX FOR HORSES really do stay up (much better than my home-made ideas) and are a great idea for horses with sores or horses the stomp flies all summer long!

They stay one and are not too hot in the summer!

We don’t have winter issues here, but the website has all kinds of ideas for uses – even winter circulation therapy.  So, if you have a stall bound horse, these could really help.

And of course, if you fly your horses for competitions, I’m sure these would help with altitude circulation issues.

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