Fernando came today!  He was great as always… he also brought his son who did some weed whacking for me.

Dalton and I grazing while waiting for the farrier.

Gwen non-plussed. I found it interesting that Norma Jean came over to inspect Fernando’s work – which she always did for Dodger. Mo is in the background.

Norma was really long this time… I was glad to get her done. (Fernando had sciatica pain and cancelled 2 weeks ago and finally he felt better. So the trims were late.)

Missy Miss was really good today… I was so proud. Her coat is roaning a bit. Very interesting. Maybe a sign of why her forelock and mane hairs are tipped blonde.

Wrigley being Wrigley. He was pretty good for him… As long as he has a mouthful of hay, he behaves.

King Finn. Always a sweetheart.  Missy Miss in the background.

And finally BG. She doesn’t like having her feet done since she splayed in the mud 2 years ago. She will never be the same and is not rideable… but her day to day is really good.

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