Today, Fernando came to trim all of the horses.  I love Fernando (he’s so good and funny and helpful and smart…) and the horses do, too.

*As you all probably know, California has a very hot real estate market right now, especially where we live.  So, lots of people are selling their homes and second/rental homes.  Sadly, Fernando’s landlord is selling the home he and his family have lived in for 7 years.  Fernando needs a modest 3bdrm/2bath rental for his family…

**IF YOU KNOW OF ANYONE who has a modest rental in the Central Coast of CA (from Santa Maria up to Bradley) please let me know.  There are very few rentals out there.  And, Fernando is the best.


Norma was first to come up to the halter. I am sure she just wanted to “get it over with”. It is so unusual but the last 2 shedding seasons, Norma has not shed normally. Instead, her hair becomes tangled tufts that I have to cut out. I think it has to do with having more hair (donkeys don’t get Cushings but she has symptoms) during the winter.  At 29, she’s still perky and engaged but she is starting to have old lady ills!

Ethel Merdonk has to be bribed… but at least she is getting much better about her feet.

We got to chatting and I forgot to take a pic of Gwen. Here she is afterwards… she was 27 on April 23rd.

BG was a champ. Fernando cut off her elbow corns. She looks much prettier.

Wrigley, perpetually skinny and high strung, is getting much much better as he matures. I had to look at his papers because I couldn’t believe it myself when I did the math. On April 30th, he turned 14. Wow.

Here’s Finn, approaching to intimidate Wrigley out of his food. I had to act quickly. (Wrigley is really a redhead. His hair is RED in the sun.)

Finn got his special hay and Missy Miss was in the back, ruining the trough water by dunking hers.

This was her turn. MM’s blondie locks are starting to come out this summer.

Mo needed to inspect everything.

Afterwards, Fernando was showing me a picture of his daughter at prom while all the horses gathered around. They act like they hate getting their feet done, but it is all horseplay!  (Finn in the back, Wrigley with his head up and Missy Miss at the hoof stand.)

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