Today was Farrier Day!

Today, the farrier came really early (to avoid the heat).  I was not really awake.  And, I forgot to take all the photos I usually take.   It seemed that as soon as the farrier was done, I remembered that I needed an action photo.  So, not too many action photos today!


Missy Miss was first… and I forgot to take a pic. Next to her is Mo’s topline. I see Norma strolling in the background and Dalton, behind Norma, looking at me.

Finn, being Finn.

Princess Buttercup Pebbles in front. Ethel Merdonk behind. Both are in their new paddock! (I created a new paddock which is smaller, so I can work more closely with Pebbles. She just does not want to be haltered or touched, except she does like head rubs.)

Dominic. The dog belongs to the farrier.

Rocky Balboa pony

Mo, full of burrs.

And finally, Dalton. We are going to work on trailer loading today. Dalton is trail trained, but still refuses to trailer alone. Who knows what happened to him when he was originally traveled from South Dakota to CA…

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