Today was Farrier day – AND A NEW PIC OF ANNIE!

I was totally jet-lagged…but we did it!   The farrier wanted to be at my house at 6:30am to beat the heat.  We were totally done with 6 horses by 8:30!


Missy Miss was first. As you can see, the sun was newly rising. We started early to beat the heat. Missy Miss had her breakfast in the net.

Finn wasn’t too sure about the net…

Norma stood like the perfect angel she is and always will be.

Then it was Dalton’s turn.

The hay bag seemed to be working out well, so I just brought it for each horse. Here we have Dominic.

And finally, Ethel Merdonk. She was almost good.

This is a pic of Annie that Gillian sent to me! Annie is down in Arroyo Grande where Dalton was. Gillian’s Mom is training Annie for Dressage. I cannot wait for the photos and videos! Annie is so floaty!

My new car already has 77777 miles on it! I actually stopped my car in someone’s driveway to take this photo.  I was able to be in my car at 8:30am to get down to the oil change place before it got hot.


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