Yikes. Today is the day of my total hip replacement.  (Left)

So, I probably won’t be on here for a few days…  Because of that, I wanted to remind you all of the November Bucket Fund horse, Rooster, and his amazing, ground breaking new protocol for wounds that won’t heal!

You can read his story here – (and the new protocol)

Please donate, if you can, your Starbucks money to help purchase all the bandages, wraps, vet visits, Xrays and other necessities one needs to keep a very wounded horse – I know from wrapping Mama Tess twice a day every day for 3 years, how very expensive it can become...

This is Rooster in his stall… with his friend, Stu, visiting him.

ALSO, to help Rooster…


Click here to visit sales page! All jewelry sold benefits the Drop in the Bucket Fund. To follow us on our beautiful FB page, click here! fb-icon

PROTECT THIS RIDER necklace! Only $98!

Sweetbird Studio “Protect this Rider, and the horse she rode in on” pewter pendant with Tahiti Czech glass beads, bronze beads, turquoise, seafoam, and teal Czech glass beads with embossed silver chain and a turquoise nugget at closure. This is a scene stealer! I get compliments on mine ALL THE TIME! Necklace is 18″. Pendant an additional 1.5 inches.

To purchase, click here!

FLAMING HEART necklace! Only $48!

Yummy cream and amber gold Czech glass beads surround this golden bronze flaming heart pendant with lobster clasp closure. Necklace is 17″. Pendant an additional 1.5″.

To purchase, click here!

SILVER SQUARE necklace! Only $48!

Silver Czech glass square beads with a sterling cross charm at crystal closure. This is an every day, wear with everything necklace! Perfect for the Holidays! 18″

To purchase, click here!


Lovely, subtle, petite Czech glass pastel squares in lovely blues and lavenders. 18″

To purchase, click here!

SEAFOAM WATCH OVER ME necklace! Only $48!

Sterling Silver handmade “Watch Over Me” pendant with bright seafoam green Czech glass beads and crystal closure. Necklace is 16″. Pendant an additional inch.

To purchase, click here!

MINI PEARL necklace! Only $38!

6mm Czech glass pearls make this delicate and lovely necklace with crystal closure. You will wear this every day! 18″

To purchase, click here!

GARNET LOVE necklace! Only $88!

Lovely and precious Sweetbird Studio embossed heart and garnet pewter pendant with LOVE etched on the back… necklace of Czech glass garnet, cherry, burgundy and amber glass beads with golden bronze cross at amber crystal closure. 18″ Pendant is an additional inch.

To purchase, click here!


Gorgeous turquoise in pewter embossed flower pendant from Sweetbird Studio. Back says, “Protect this woman”. Czech glass beads in matte silver, bright silver and aqua with sterling cross charm at crystal closure. Necklace is 18.5″ Pendant is an additional 1.5″.

Click here to purchase!

LIVE LIFE necklace! 

Sweetbird Studio Viva La Vida (Live Life) pewter pendant with Czech glass flower embedded. Back says, “Please value us” and has a stamp of wildlife. Necklace is Czech glass beads in rose, garnet, silver, gold and amberpink with handmade sterling silver flower pendant at crystal closure. Necklace is 24″. Pendant is an additional 2.5″.


MOTHER OF PEARL FAITH necklace! Only $88!

Love love love this one! Sweetbird Studio MOP cross and silver pendant with “Faith” printed on the back. Czech glass pearls in cream and white with crystal and amber beads and crystal closure. Necklace is 20″. Pendant is an additional 1.5″.

To purchase, click here!


I wear mine every day. They go with everything… and are perfect alone or layered! 8mm beads with a handcrafted sterling silver flower charm at crystal closure. 17.5″ To purchase, click here!


I have one very similar (in photo) and I get compliments every time I wear it! These are jockey medals from Buenos Aires. This one has white enamel and is from 1952. Jockey name etched on the back. So cool! Looks great with silver or gold! Czech glass crystal beads with sterling star charm at crystal closure. 18.5″

To purchase, click here!


All of the beads on this necklace are sterling silver, hand made, HEAVY with a handmade sterling silver clasp and ring. I wear mine often (see pic) with these two other necklaces listed below. All one of a kind! This sterling necklace looks fabulous alone or layered. Dressed up or with jeans. 18″ (I do have two others that are slightly longer)

To purchase, click here!


Such a pretty and delicate necklace… Czech glass beads in crackle crystal, amber, crystal gold, pearl, gold matte and frosted gold with a five heart charm off center and a gold cross charm at amber crystal closure. 19″ One of a kind, for sure! To purchase, click here!


So subtle and lovely. Rocky earthen colors of Czech glass beads against matte earth Czech glass beads. Silver Crosses at both ends. Wear back to front or front to back. Surprisingly pretty. 18″ To purchase, click here!

Hearts and roses! Only $48!

So delicate and light… Czech glass beads in rose, gold, crystal, cream with special heart shaped rose beads and a cross charm at amber closure. 18″ . So pretty. To purchase, click here!


Cobalt Czech glass beads in varied sizes with crystal and midnight beads and sterling closure. Special Czech glass flower beads – rare. So pretty. To purchase, click here!

Tahiti and Cross! Only 65!

Grab this one at this amazing price! Sterling hammered cross with textured chain and Tahitian Czech glass beads AND sterling silver heart, lobster clasp closure. Necklace is 18″. Pendant additional 1″. Layer or wear alone!

To purchase, click here!

Creamy Pearl Nuggets! Only $42!

A great addition to any neck! Such a soft, clean look. 8mm Czech glass pearl beads with handmade sterling silver heart charm at crystal closure. Beautiful alone or layered. 19″

To purchase, click here!

PEACHY GOLD! Only $38!

Czech Glass beads in peachy gold – so beautiful. Perfect with gold jewelry, too! Sterling heart charm at crystal closure. 18″ So pretty and soft!

To purchase, click here!

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    Hope your surgery was a success and you’ll be up and dancing around soon!

  2. Marsha loneagle

    Just thinking of you and sending along best wishes for speedy recovery and no complications….and horsey cuteness to keep the clouds away….err cough cough, that is cuteness not hi-jinks Ms Norma :)

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