Today was Farrier Day! Everyone stood for pictures!

Well, everyone is still shaggy and not quite shedding (although hair is in the air), muddy and now, itchy.  Spring!

The farrier today to spiff up nails and everyone loved the attention – with the exception of Annie and Moe.  Annie still will not let me pick up her foot for more than a nanosecond.  Then she slams it down.  As of yet, I have been unable to convince her that I will give her foot back if I pick it up.  Of course, if she had been a little baby when we were learning, this would be a piece of cake.  But, she isn’t a baby.  Well, she is… a HUGE baby.   So, we are working on that, still.

Mo just doesn’t want any part of the foot thing.  I’ll get him at some point, but not today…  Mo is loving and he’s nice, but he is also very skitty.  I think he doesn’t see very well.  Mo startles easily and he won’t recognize me if I wear different clothes or a hat.  I have to call out.  He still startles and blows.  Still, he is a very kind donkey, so I’ll just work with him to get us both through this.

Here are the pics!

This is Missy Miss Eden and me.


First was Gwen. She is always an angel. (Yes, I know the halter has fallen down on her nose… It isn’t her halter so it didn’t fit.)

Norma, knowing her time was coming, walked over and stood in line. She is such a good girl.

Here she is, on deck and waiting for her trim.

Dodger was not so eager. He stood several feet away and looked back often.

Here the farrier was trimming MIssy Miss Eden. Mo was watching.

In the far pasture, Finn and BG were scratching on this poor tree.

Wrigley. He was so excited to be on this side of the house – new to him.

Finn. Always playing!

And angelic Beautiful Girl. I was able to drop the leadrope and walk away to take this photo. She is such a good girl!

Meanwhile… the water had stopped at the house. Uh oh. So I called Hubby and he came home. We discovered this leak into the pasture. Hmmmm. So, Hubby spent the afternoon chasing down the crack in the underground pipe. He finally found it and repaired it. Now he is grumbling on the couch. I need to get him a cocktail or food or something.

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