I happened upon this blogpost when I was looking to make reservations at a nearby restaurant.  As unlikely as it sounds, they had a link to a post about a Long Rider, Gillian Larson.  Imagine that?!… a brewery and restaurant writing about a horsewoman.  Why… and how intriguing!  My interest was piqued.  (You can read that blogpost – with gorgeous photography – here.)

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I had to find out about her…

Since the restaurant that ran the article (Firestone Brewery) is local, I figured she might be local… so I did some investigating.  And I found Gillian’s website.   I knew I had to meet her when the first paragraph on her website read:

In both 2014 and 2016, I traveled on horseback alone from the Mexican border

to British Columbia on the PCT. I completed two new equestrian adventures in 2017, riding the Arizona Trail and the Colorado Trail. Then in 2018 I followed the Continental Divide Trail through New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming and Montana.  Summer of 2019 will feature a ride across Utah and through the high Sierra Nevada mountains.

Yup.  Totally my dream.  Could you imagine spending months with just you and your horses, riding through the most beautiful and pristine places on earth?!  Could you imagine the bond you would have with your horse?  The trust… the companionship… the moments of perfection?!

I was swooning with trailpassion and longing to do what she does.  Except,  that little voice in my head was telling me that it probably wasn’t all roses and starbursts… I figured there were some rough spots.  But, I put that aside and grabbed my keyboard.

I sent an email through her website.

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And alas… I received a return email from Gillian!  She was very polite… taking an email from a fan must be a very particular kind of gracious – and she did it well.

I asked her if she might be willing to be interviewed by me for Horse and Man.  She said, “Sure!”

And… she said that she was moving back to the California Central Coast to get her Masters at Cal Poly.


So I asked her if we could meet in person once she was settled.

And she said, YES.

(Happy dance!)


Just imagine traveling with your horses, alone, for months…

I would NOT look this good if I was riding for months on end…

Can you imagine how WONDERFUL this would be?…

To be able to go where most people don’t go… to see the beauty of Mother Nature….

To be continued…

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