THIS is how I spent my Sunday.

I was in charge of Bosco, Hubby’s foster puppy (after today, our puppy), while Hubby was away this weekend.  As you all know, Bosco is a very energetic, busy boy by his breeding – he is a McNab (cattle dog).

Anyway, I was throwing a stick for him on the front lawn.  Bosco was totally focused and excited about the stick game we were playing…

Suddenly, there was a cloud of dust coming from the horse area.  That usually means that some horses are tussling and kicking up the dirt.

In a heartbeat, Bosco was gone – past the house, past all the sheds and under the fence to get himself in the middle of the scuffle – about an acre away from where we were playing the game.

Nothing I said or yelled mattered.

I heard him yelp and cry.  I knew it was a matter of seconds where either he was going to be OK – or not.  The fight between Gwen and Annie had broken up with my frantic, “QUIT!” but Bosco was already injured and crying as he flew out of the paddock – Norma at his heels.

Bosco ran to the garage.  He ran straight.  All his legs worked.  His head/eyes were keen.  But there was blood all over his mouth.

Upon inspection, I could see a deep gash in his cheek and gum.  It bled, a lot.  I called the ER vet in the area.  We drove down.

Long story short, two broken molars and a fractured mandible.  He was lucky.   We were lucky… The vet said they often see much worse when cattle dogs get in between the legs of horses.

Bosco will spend the night tonight in the hospital. Tomorrow he will have surgery to remove those teeth, clean the wounds and suture his gums and cheek.

We were lucky.  He cannot, ever, be outside unleashed until he is well trained.  Hubby was very upset and has vowed to do what it takes.

As for Bosco… even as the vets were messing with him and pushing on parts that we know were hurting, he kept wagging his tail.  He is a very good natured boy.

Bosco, in the car, driving to the ER. He has a fractured upper jaw - those just heal - and two broken teeth plus deep cuts on his gum and cheek. Sigh.

Bosco, in the car, driving to the ER. He has a fractured upper jaw – those just heal – and two broken teeth plus deep cuts on his gum and cheek. Sigh.

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  1. Patti

    Poor little thing I love horses and dogs I to have a cattle dog but she’s my service dog. I hope your dog is okay.

  2. Sarah T

    Ouch, dogs and cats bounce back so much quicker the people, cray cray pup will be better soon.

  3. Laurie

    Oh, Dawn so sad to hear of this!
    He sure has that need to be where the action is!
    Do you ever get to rest?
    Thanks for picture too…..I was wondering what he looked like all banged up.

  4. Robynne Catheron

    Oh no! Poor little guy! What a thankless, futile job, trying to herd horses (and donkey) into orderly conduct. Praying for a full recovery! He sounds like a very smart boy, and hopefully will learn his lessons and take his new training to heart.

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