THIS AND THAT… Bosco update.

Lots going on here…

Luckily, a local reader turned me onto her farrier (who she loves) and we have an appointment for Monday!  Crossing fingers.


I wanted to give you an update on Bosco.

The vet feels that the interior of his mandible is healing very well.  The exterior of the mandible where he lost his two teeth  (the gumline you can see when he smiles), is not healing as well as he would like.

The excellent news is that his mandible is aligned.

So, we have another week of antibiotics and continued NO CHEWING on anything.  No stuffed animals.  No rawhide bones.  No sticks.  No anything…



The good/bad news is that he is no longer on sedatives for the pain.  On one hand, the sedatives helped him not go crazy – cooped up with me during the day.  On the other hand, now that he is off of the sedatives, he is bouncing off of the walls.    Poor guy.  He is still such a puppy…

He and I are becoming office buddies.   I have lots of time to work on potty training…

His eye is good. His ear and nose were not effected. Bosco will have a continual eye drip... and he lost two teeth... and his lip is droopy, but ... he will recover!

His eye is good. His ear and nose were not effected. Bosco will have a continual eye drip… and he lost two teeth… and his lip is droopy, but … he will recover!


I am going riding on Sunday!  Wahoo!!  I’m also going to get out my grooming tools and go to town!  ;)


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  1. dawndi Post author

    No. But the next time I have an inquiry for an LG, I’ll offer yours.
    Please resend the pic… when I thought you had a buyer, I let it go.

  2. Mary Lu Kennedy

    Hi Dawn,
    I spoke with Lily two weeks ago about my Bit less bridle and she seemed all excited but still no word.
    Any suggestions?
    Mary Lu

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