MY THIRD TRAIL RIDE in my new home! GORGEOUS Santa Margarita Lake Trails.

OK, so it may seem odd that I’m not riding my own horses… but here’s the deal:  I’m being invited to go ride to new places as a ‘jump’ rider.

A jump rider is the person who rides the 2nd horse of someone who needs both of their horses to be exercised but only has one body.  So, they bring me along…  I just show up wherever they want to ride, and ride!   I get to learn about a new place and they get their horse ridden.  WinWin.

Except in my case, lucky me gets to ride the 1st horse while the owner rides the 2nd.

Rambo, my steed for the day, is a very, very handsome Rocky Mountain Horse that looks like a European Eventing Horse.

Oh, and he’s tall.  I’m not.

This is very handsome, Rambo, my mount.

This is very handsome, Rambo, my mount.


We went to a beautiful place.  If I could be anyplace beside the Grand Tetons, I’d choose Santa Margarita Ranch. It is rolling hills, oak trees and Lake Santa Margarita.  Just goreous.

The weather was perfect.  Sunny and breezy.



So, I have PTSD regarding a very traumatic ride (linked here) I had several years ago on:

–not my horse, using not my tack, on a new trail, bridle broke, horse took off… I survived.

Whenever I am on a horse that isn’t known, using different tack, on a new trail (with edges)… I always get a bit nervous.

My nervousness can be disconcerting for owners because, of course, they know their horse so well.

But my hostess today was very generous and put up with me until both Rambo and I settled into each other.  I only got triggered once, when another rider shot uphill and Rambo got really excited to run, too.

We settled again and all was glorious.

It was very beautiful - we climbed to get this view.

It was very beautiful – we climbed to get this view.

HERE ARE PICS I DIDN’T TAKE…(because I’m in them!) Thanks, Kelley!


Single track trails are my fav.


I thought that cloud was pretty, too!


That’s me in the white shirt, trying to ignore the edge. The lady behind me was on a Paso.


Kelley caught me adjusting my saddle. It was a Freeform and comfortable, but we had the stirrups adjusted incorrectly so I was a bit off.



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  1. Marge

    Yikes!! Your sky overhead is full of Chemtrails!! If you want to know more go to
    The planes that spew these chemicals are based out of Nevada and are unmarked. You will not hear about any of this in the news. The reasoning behind this is to keep the earth from heating up which of course is false. All of the chemicals are carcigens.

    I had a hair mineral anayllis done on my horse a few years ago with Ukele’s and his aluminum was off the chart. I also had my own hair done and my aluminum was also way to high. When I see those lines in the say (usually on a Friday in my area, R.I.) I avoid the outdoors as much as possible.

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