These 3 Brothers Make A Ginormous Snow Sculpture In Their Front Yard Every Year

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You won’t find any basic snowmen in front of the Bartz household. Instead, the three Bartz brothers work hard to create the biggest, and most unique snow creatures you have ever seen!

Austin, Connor and Trevor Bartz are three brothers living in New Brighton, Minnesota, a place in the US where the snow is plentiful.

The creative trio uses all of this snow to their advantage, sculpting phenomenal displays good enough to be showcased in a museum.

This year the guys built a 12-foot sea turtle with impeccable detailing that surpasses what anyone might expect from three brothers enjoying a winter break from school.

Read on to learn more about the talented brothers, and see more ginormous snow creations they have made over the years.


The boys started making their awesome version of a snowman four-years ago, and each year they reach new heights in terms of size and quality.

It takes the boys a lot of time and dedication, as one sculpture can take as much as a few weeks to complete.

The sea turtle they made out of snow this year totaled over 300 hours of handwork and patience, although it appears the guys have a great time doing it.

And what better way to bond with your brothers than to make something this incredible using nothing but talented hands, imaginations, and warm winter coats of course!


Every year the boys start their masterpiece by pushing a tremendous amount of snow into a messy pile. This process alone takes a good amount of time and effort.

Once the pile is big enough the boys can finally go to work, using the massive mound to sculpt their desired finished product.


As you will notice it seems every year, as the boys grow, mature and learn new things, they find ways to improve upon their previous works of art.

Just like the brothers themselves, their artwork keeps getting bigger and better.

You can see the playful trio growing up over the years as they pose in front of their annual masterpiece. But one thing that doesn’t seem to change is their love for marine life.

Sharks, walrus, sea turtles… I see an underwater theme here!


The boys have a Facebook page titled Bartz Snow Sculptures with over 9,400 likes, and growing.

As of January 1st, the Bartz brothers were trending number one on the popular social media site.

The guys keep the world up to date on their snow-building progress each year through their Facebook page.

This year they posted a photo of the original lumpy pile of snow before they ever fashioned it into anything.

They captioned the photo: “The pile is continuing to get bigger! We will hopefully be done in 2 weeks!”


Within only a couple of weeks that freezing cold pile of snow (pictured above) turned into this monstrous sea turtle…


For those that live close enough, the boys recently gave out their home address, giving the public a chance to view the sculpture in person.

If I lived in Minnesota I’d be on my way now!


The sculptures completely melt away around April, at which point the boys are always sad to see their snow child disappear.

Still, the brothers admit that by April they are more than ready to finally enjoy some warm weather.

Judging by their youthful faces, the world has yet to see the best work of these brothers.

At this rate, these boys could someday surpass anything else ever created out of snow before.


Can’t wait to see what these guys come up with next year!

As always, we will follow up and keep you posted.

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