THERE IS A NEW NEST! I think House Finch, but not sure…

The Office Nest that has been on the downspout outside my office was used already this year… and the babies just fledged.  I looked today and there were no new eggs.  Honestly, someone needs to fortify the nest or remodel it… it kinda looks a mess.

However, when I was cleaning the donkey paddock today, I was dive bombed and squawked at non-stop.

Hmmmm.  Was there a nest somewhere?

I looked around and lo and behold… a nest!  A very NICE nest indeed!  This one was constructed like a civil engineer was at the helm.  Not only does it have many different materials that are quite impressive, but it includes AND ENTIRE TREE BRANCH, which I found fascinating.

You see, last year, there was a nest in this exact same spot.  However, it fell.  So, this year, the design engineer added a new support system and I like it!

To top it off, 4 eggs!!  This is very exciting.

The only bummer is that I could never get a look at the birds who were pelting me as I cleaned.  So I am not sure if they are House Finches.  But the eggs look similar so I assume that they are House Finches.  We have a lot of them because I feed them all the time.  Hubby says that I’m creating a false sense of security but I say that the seeds will always be there unless I die.  So there.


The next is in the donkey shelter on the alley side next to the Mulberry tree and the Poplar. Plenty of shade. Smart choice. Notice the branch that anchors the nest.

The next is 12′ up… so I’m teetering on a fence board (with dive bombing parents) to show you this nest.

With my arm outstretched to the tippy-tip, I took this photo of the 4 eggs. As you can see, two of them have crack marks from little beaks!

I included this shot so that you can see the detail in the nest. They used landscaping fabric, horse and donkey hair, thick weed sticks, foxtails, cottonwood tree cotton… very well executed.

This is the Office Nest in the downspout. Clearly it has seen better days. I wonder if anyone will come in and fix it up…?

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