The QUIET ONES. It is important to bring them to the front every now and then…

I reminded myself about my ‘quiet’ horses today.

What I mean is I reminded myself how horses bloom when they are watered.

Some horses are pushy or clever and they demand attention.

But some horses are shy, background kind of horses who demand less attention.  And, sometimes horses that get less attention, slowly die inside.

I say this because today I watched BG bloom… and it was if the wilting flower, drunk a very tall glass..


Beautiful girl is Finn’s full sister, but they are totally different.  Where Finn is silly and dominant, BG is shy and respectful.

BG, Finn and Wrigley live together.  Finn insists that BG is always with him, and I have obliged for years.  Years.

Wrigley lives with BG and Finn because they are the only ones who will tolerate him besides Gwen and Gwen can no longer keep him in line… so… he lives with the fit and strong Finn and BG.   (Wrigley is another very bold and ‘in your face if you let him’ type of horse.)  Finn is the Boss, BG is second in command and Wrigley pulls up the rear.

So although BG is never ignored… she gets the same amount of food and treats… she is always in the background with the more forward and demanding horses in the foreground.

BG today. You can see her smooth coat under the shedding winter reddish hairs.

THIS MONTH – the benefits of lockdown

For two years now, I’ve been trying to heal BG’s hives.  I thought the winter would ease them, but it didn’t.  The vet has given her all of his remedies, cures and shots.  Even cortisone didn’t work.  I’ve tried herbs and tinctures and potions… nothing had worked so far.

Coming into the summer months, I’m trying to get a jump on her allergies by separating her and giving her extra attention.  I don’t want to miss the first hint of ‘no see ums’.

So, that’s what I did.  I moved BG into a solitary pen right next door to Finn and Wrigley.  Of course, Finn pitched a fit… but he settled after a few days.

Last week, BG had another vet visit – no new ideas.    I decided to start a daily grazing program for her to munch on the smorgasbord of greens growing rapidly around here.   Maybe she is vitamin deficient…?   I’ve also been giving her (very expensive – yikes) herbs that a reader suggested I try.  BG has her own trough, her own feeder, her own shade and she has the best view of me.

She gets to pick through all the green grasses and pick what she wants to eat.


Three weeks into her new digs, I am seeing a real change in BG’s personality.  Getting two special buckets a day… plus all of her other special treats – all of her own stuff –  she is smiling more and nickering more… and her hives are almost gone.

Now, since I’ve done a few things at once (green grass, herbs, special paddock), I don’t know what is helping her with the hives.

But in any event, I’m very excited about this.

I need to wait and see – as her hives tend to go away and then come back aggressively… but this time, they have gone away much more totally than any other time in the last 2 years.

I sit with her as she grazes… and she stays near.


So for now, I’m reminded how horses bloom when they are watered.   I’m watering BG and she is blooming.  I’m telling you because I wish I had thought of this sooner…

And she’s the boss of this trio, which I’m sure she likes. Norma never challenges her and Gwen is too old to bully BG anymore.




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  1. dawndi Post author

    I’m trying FOR THE LOVE OF THE HORSE allergy formula now. If it doesn’t work, I will try yours!! Thank you

  2. Kerry

    I’m not sure you’ve tried it but I had really great luck with the Platinum Skin and Allergy

  3. dawndi Post author

    Yes, I would. My vet hasn’t suggested this. So if she doesn’t continue to improve, I will try it. Thank you!

  4. Judith

    The two Morgans I’ve had both got/get the itchies from those tiny flies so badly that they chewed themselves bloody in places. Awful to see! We tried everything that multiple vets recommended — antihistamines (made it worse!), oral tinctures of herbs that had to be kept refrigerated (a challenge at the place where the “barn” was a stock trailer), various sprays, oils and unguents — and nothing worked. But a couple of years ago, the current vet for the current Morgan suggested steroids as a last resort (concerns about side effects, especially for my chubby easy keeper of a certain age) and a modest dose of prednisone has worked wonders!

    The previous owner of the previous Morgan had tried steroids on him but he started to founder, so they stopped, and I never tried with him, given that history. But so far no ill effects on Cordu — would you consider it for your horses?

  5. dawndi Post author

    I’m certainly considering that… She has lived with Wrigley and Finn for her entire life… but maybe Wrigley is becoming too much of a pest.
    BG is 2nd in command of their group. Finn is the boss. Wrigley is the last in line.

  6. jan hoole

    I wonder if being pushed around by Finn has been stressing her and reducing her immune response – or even hiking up her immune response?

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