The natural scent of your horse is all part of the experience… I now know how much.

In January of this year, I had that awful flu that most of California had…  for me, it was the worst cold/flu that I had ever experienced.

And now, my sense of smell is very dulled.  It hasn’t come back.

Some of that is a blessing~ because I had a too powerful sense of smell.  I think I irritated Hubby often with my, “What’s that smell?” or “What did you have for lunch?”…

But now, that SpideySense nasal prowess is – GONE.

And, I’m sad about it.  Mostly because of my animals.

This is Gwen with the farrier last week. She is the MOST fragrant horse I own. I sunk my nose into her neck – nothing. I had been holding out hope that my sense of smell would come back. Not yet.


I feel really badly that I cannot sniff test my older ones, Dodger and Norma Jean.  Besides loving to bury my face into Dodger’s little neck and smelling his musty ponyfragrance; I cannot smell his breath as he blows into my nose – like he has done since the day I met him, 24 years ago.

This makes me very sad.  I miss the bond of that pony breath.

Also, I used my nose to make sure that they were healthy.  I always keep an eye on their breath so I know if they have teeth issues or a sinus thing… or ulcers/stomach issues.

It feels as if I have lost a very familiar diagnostic tool.

Norma Jean and Dodger, my oldsters, with the farrier last week.



As I groom my horses, I have always breathed deeply and wallowed in their natural scents.  I loved the way all of my animals smell, and I could tell one from another by scent.  In fact, I wrote about.  You can read that blogpost here.

Now that I cannot smell them – at all – it has broken my heart.  Hugging and grooming them is not the same without that horsey smell.

And… I cannot smell when things are off.   I cannot smell my tack room either, which is scary.  Makes me want to keep it all really clean.

But what I really mean to say is that I MISS their natural scent desperately.  I had no idea how much ‘breathing in’ the horse scent is part of the whole.  I had no idea that the nose knows – so much.

I’m actually very sad and almost desperate for a cure.  But I have been told that if my sense of smell hasn’t come back by now – it won’t.

If anyone knows of a cure, please, please email me.

In the meantime – GO HUG YOUR HORSE AND BREATH IN.  You will miss it when it is gone.

BG waiting to have her teeth floated. I cannot smell her or even the fly spray I put on her.


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  1. Jan Hoole

    So sorry to hear this Dawn. I hope it comes back soon! Like you I’m a ‘super-smeller’ and taster, and it does have its drawbacks, but the smell of horses is so wonderful, and its very useful for telling if the dog’s ears are healthy too!

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