The Llama has landed… PLLL has moved to a safer neighborhood.

I’m relieved but sad to let you all know that PLLL has flown the coop and taken up residence with one of the ladies who came to her rescue that fateful day.  (If you missed that post, click here.)

Yes, my friend Fran, who certainly didn’t have to – offered her home to PLLL.

You see, I just couldn’t relax around here.  Yes, I did purchase a kennel for Shiva.

And yes, the puppies could always be put away in the barn but I didn’t trust them.  What had they learned from Shiva?…

What if they got out and something happened while I was gone – again?

I just couldn’t bear it.

So, I accepted Fran’s very generous offer.

Here is Shiva in the kennel I purchased and Hubby set up... but I still didn't feel safe.  What if he got out or someone let him out or ...

Here is Shiva in the kennel I purchased and Hubby set up… but I still didn’t feel safe. What if he got out or someone let him out or …


Fran has 20 acres approximately 40 acres away from our house.

If I tucked myself into a ball, I could roll down hill and land in her property.

However, there are a few fences and neighbors in between…

Anyway, Fran’s place is much like our place, just bigger with less animals.  And the best part:  they have no dogs.

They (Fran and her very kind hubby, Adam) have two donkeys (Stella and Gus) and a large, gorgeous gelding named Mikey.

When I called Fran to let her know that I needed to relocate PLLL, she immediately started erecting panels in one of her large paddocks.  In fact, I think she was holding the phone while setting panels…

“We’ll just set these up so they can get used to each other safely…”.

Like all good horsepeople can, Fran created a perfect llama nest in about 5 minutes.


She loaded right up. You can see her nose and purple halter sticking out.


Princess Llama Llama Llama arrived to my place in a minivan.  She hasn’t traveled since.  So, I was a bit uncertain on how she would do in my 2 horse slant.

Luckily, my other good friend, Leslie (who had also come to PLLL’s rescue that fateful day) offered to bring her stock trailer over.


When the time came, of course, it started to rain.

Not so perfect.

But, it wasn’t bad so we proceeded.

I approached PLLL with the halter that she hates – she hates all halters, not just that one – while Leslie blocked her exit.

Gently, I persuaded PLLL to let me halter her.

Once the halter was applied, PLLL was more than willing to follow me out of her paddock, down the walkway and straight into the trailer.

Just like that.

I put her grain down in there and walked out.

That was when she made a bit of a fuss… but not bad.

And then we left for the very short trailer ride to Fran’s.

Our llamavan leaving my driveway.

Our llamavan leaving my driveway.


We arrived.   Fran plus Hubby were ready.

PLLL came right out of the trailer and looked around.

“Very pretty…”, she thought, I think.

She followed me nicely, only stopping once to grab a nibble.

We walked right into her new pen.


Now Fran, you have a Llama.

Very sad for me but … the right thing.


We arrive. She looked around and hopped right out.


Nice place!


Fran watches.


PLLL follows like a good llama while Fran cuts some fresh rose leaves for her.

PLLL examines her new shelter.

PLLL examines her new shelter.



PLLL walked all around her space and grabbed a few bites.  She seemed curious and pensive, but fine.

It was then that we brought over the 2 donkeys and the gelding.


There was much excitement for a few minutes as the equines gazed upon the camelid.

Stella the donkey was immediately eager.  PLLL was wary.

Mikey wanted to make friends but he puffed him self up so BIG that I think it scared the little llama.  But, PLLL was willing.  I think Mikey reminded her of Bodhi.

As soon as their noses touched, she fled.

Round one…

Gus watched from afar.

This will take a bit of time…  as usual.


Mikey puffs himself up with riveted interest.


Stella and Gus watch her like she was Llama TV!


First contact! She immediately ran away but it was a start…


Yes, I am a bit sad.

When I drove home, immediately I saw her empty paddock.  It is directly in front of where I park my car.

I got out and walked around in her paddock… I let Bodhi into it and he walked around.  He knew she was gone.

I will put Gwen up there tomorrow to keep him company and hopefully they won’t break any fences but I’m not counting on it.  Broken Bodhi fences are why we got PLLL for Bodhi in the first place…

As I sit here, listening to the rain, I hope that she has taken shelter next to her new stablemates.  I sigh comfortably knowing that Fran will take excellent care of our girl.

But I miss her already.

I miss our girl who will now be known as Princess Lana the Llama.

Be safe, my girl.  No more nightmares for you.  Sleep in comfort – live in peace.

Thank you, Fran and Adam.  A lovely gift you have given us both.


HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth… if you like this, please pass it around!






HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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  1. Seabiscute

    Oh, Dawn, I am sorry you had to do this. It is the right thing but it probably still hurts to give her up. How fortunate for everyone that there was a good home so close, however. What kind of horse is Mikey? Could he be a Morgan? Although you say he is large…

  2. may

    I think I feel most sympathy for Bodhi! I wish I could give him a good rub down and a hug.

    On another topic – I love the new blog format, and wanted to tell you! It’s looking great!

    Hugs to you and hubby, too.

  3. Cindy Seinar

    Good luck, PLLL! And please write when you can! Or call if there is a Princess [Llama] Phone.

  4. Jody Brittain

    You are a wonderful, thoughtful and compassionate pet owner. I Hope Fran knows that along with taking care of PLLL, she has to give us all reports! :)

  5. Theresa Hamilton

    You have done right by Princess Lama Lama, making sure she is safe and happy. Bodhi cared for her alot, but I am sure he knows it is for the best. Keep us up to date on these new arrangements.
    You have such a beautiful heart!

  6. RiderWriter

    Boohoo…. I am sad for you. She was a unique individual and I will miss hearing about PLLL. I know poor Bodhi will miss her more, though! I guess he doesn’t get along with Norma, or do the Shetlands need her more?

    I am still wondering what on earth got into Shiva that day. Will you still be kenneling him? I know you don’t want him giving any bad ideas to the puppies, as they are going to be MUCH bigger and could – God forbid – do a lot more damage. Be good puppies, be good!

  7. Sharyn Hughes

    Dawn, I am surrounded by wooly mammoths. What did you say to feed the horses for maximum shedding? I remember you said something about it before, but I forgot to write it down. Also, where can I get it? I would love to see a smooth glossy coat once again on my Walking Horse. Thanks for any info!


  8. Kitty Bo wilson

    We will all miss her.Ever since you got PLLL, every llama I see reminds me of her. I am sad for you and relieved for her. You did a valiant thing, as did your friend.

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