The horses in their new/old digs!

Just a quick post before surgery to show you pics of all of the horses in their new/old digs.

Finn. He chose to be in back of the barn.

Dominic looking majestic on the driveway – story on Dominic coming.

This is Missy Miss. She is with Finn and Mo, behind the barn. As you can see, I had to create a cat ladder because my cats couldn’t remember how to get down off the roof.

This is Dominic. (We had to replace so much fencing, I’m mostly showing this because it shows the fence!)

We’ve had to do a ton of work on the house to restore it. (Don’t ever rent out a property that you want to live in again…). It looks the exact same color, but we did paint the house and the barn.  The room downstairs with the light on is where I will be recuperating.

This is 27 year-old Gwen (Mama Tess’ first baby). She is happy to be back home. She went back into her pasture which was the one in front of the house.

This is BG. I thought being home might help with her hives, but not so far. She is in the pasture above the barn so that she can get her meds securely. She is much more at peace, being home.

Poor Princess Buttercup Pebbles…she was in the barn for 3 weeks while we tried to cure her snotty nose… to no avail. The vets want to do sinus X-rays but she wasn’t having any of that. So… for now, while I’m healing, she’s back out with the others. Unfortunately, the gnats are bothering her ears, then she rubs them raw… and I am the only one who can put the Swat on her so … the next few weeks will be tough unless the weather cooperates.

Ethel Merdonk is very happy. Her face is covered in burs because she loves to root around in the tall grasses. I learned that she is hard of hearing and sight after I let her out and she couldn’t even hear me shaking the bucket to bring her back in. And, she couldn’t see me very well, either. I think she is older than first surmises when rescued.

Norma Jean. She is coming up on 30 years of age. She’s greying and holding on to some of her summer coat… but she’s sharp as a tack. She can hear and see very well.

And of course, King Rocky. He is super full of himself and rules the roost in the donkey pasture. He loves Dominic and wants to be in with him, but I’m afraid someone will get hurt.


Dalton is still in training with Thru-Rider, Gillian Larson.  Wrigley, and I still cannot believe it, passed away suddenly right after we arrived back to GV.  He appeared sick, we brought him to the Equine Hospital and within a week, he had passed (Oct 20).  The diagnosis was a bacterial infection that went to his heart.  Even though he was on serious antibiotics, if the heart is not functioning well, the other organs needed to wash the blood of the infection/antibiotics cannot do their job.   So, basically, his kidneys and liver failed while we were trying to save his heart.  It was a delicate balance and we lost.  I still cannot really talk about it.  But I promise a tribute soon.  He was MT’s last baby… and he was born right here in the barn at the Grass Valley house.  I am truly thankful that he got to come home before he passed.



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