The ‘feel’ of a place…

So, yesterday was my very last day at work.  I had wrapped my job and went into the office for my final de-brief meeting.  (I’m freelance, so I work when I get hired.)

Anyway, today I expected to sleep for as long as I could…

But our real estate agent called last night and said that one of the homes we had liked but didn’t view in Lockwood (near where Hubby works – 5 hours from me) had just slashed their price $100K!

Oh my gosh!  We hadn’t viewed it earlier due to the price.  Wow!  This could be our lucky break!

I jumped in my car this morning and made the 5 hour drive!


Remember that Carly Simon song, “Anticipation”?  That was me for the entire 5 hour drive.  I had seen the photos of the house and I knew I loved it!  The exteriors were a bit slim… so I wondered about that.  But, I was fully on board and ready to excuse any issues – pretty much – as long as they weren’t huge issues.

I did wonder why they slashed the price $100K.  I figured it had been over priced to begin with and then time had passed and they just wanted to MOVE already.

Anyway, the beautiful country road to the place was gorgeous – which I knew already because I had flown over the property via Google Earth the night before.

As I pulled into the driveway, I did note that there were hardly any trees in the 10 acres (which had been one of my prerequisites) but I was willing to let that go if the house was great!

Hubby met me on this sojourn.  He arrived in uniform from work and was just as eager as I was.

Then we stepped inside.

I loved it.

He didn’t.

Something about the ‘feel’ of the place.

We both like covered porches... (with spectacular views, of course).

We both like covered porches… (with spectacular views, of course).


So, after Hubby left, I sat in my car and thought over this house purchase.  Truly, it was 35 minutes outside of town.  The nearest anything was 35 minutes away – hence the affordable price.  It only had 2 bedrooms, which was an issue.  There was no room for an office.  It had no fencing, no trees and no barn or any horse set-up.

But, I still really loved the house.  The ceilings were tall, the appointments were very nice, the appliances were brand new, the views of the hills were beautiful… lots to like.

But, as I drove away, I knew.


Him not liking the house, but not being able to tell me why, was good enough.

I know the feeling… and that’s just it… it is a feeling.

We both have to feel at home with our new home.


I know I broke his heart a few weeks ago when I nixed a property that he loved.  I just wasn’t feeling it…

So, we have a rental and another home (that is out of our price range but we are going to look anyway) to see tomorrow.

The search continues.

As I write this, I'm sitting in Hubby's little apartment on the RiverStar vineyards. A lovely view of one of the California Central Coast Wine Valleys. The wine is the issue - if this wasn't wine country, we'd have better luck finding larger properties. Nice view!

As I write this, I’m sitting in Hubby’s little apartment on the RiverStar vineyards. A lovely view of one of the California Central Coast Wine Valleys. The wine is the issue – if this wasn’t wine country, we’d have better luck finding larger properties. Nice, peaceful view!  There are mountains to the left, right and behind.

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  1. Maria Glenn

    I know just how you feel! We have been house hunting for a while as well and we have viewed countless properties. Some have been amazing on paper, but as soon as we’ve looked around we’ve just not felt at home.

    I took my lovely OH to a house halfway up a mountain here in Spain and I didn’t expect him to like it. It’s a very ‘horsey’ place and perfect for my mares, but maybe not so perfect for husbands.

    He shocked me by actually liking it and we are in the process of gathering everything together to buy it.

    You will find a spot that is perfect for all of the members of your herd, husband included!

    Good luck with your search.

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