The Doggie/Donkey Standoff.

This happens almost every morning…

What you might not know is that donkeys hate intruders.  If a cat or dog enters their surroundings (not to mention a wild cat, boar or coyote), the donkey will stomp them.  It doesn’t matter if the cat or dog is a familiar cat or dog… if that cat or dog is intruding per the donkey, the donkey will stomp.

Hence, the Doggie/Donkey Standoff that we have at our house between Princess Buttercup Pebbles and Natty.

You see, PBP is the youngest donkey.  She is spry and fast.   Natty is the youngest dog around here.  He is VERY spry and VERY fast.

So, Natty intentionally intrudes on PBP.  He does it on purpose because he knows he is faster.  Hence, it goes like this:

Donkey meets dog

they set the terns of the play.

Play begins!

Dog totally annoys donkey (other dog slinks away in the background)

Donkey tells dog that he is completely annoying (dog does not care)

Dog has change of heart for completely annoying donkey and asks for a truce

Donkey is about to forgive as dog becomes distracted

Dog forgets what he was doing as donkey wonders why she even bothers….


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