The BUCKET FUND received its FIRST CHECK from RIDING WAREHOUSE! THANK YOU! And a minor MamaTess and Dodger update…

As you may have guessed by my ‘reposts’ of the last two days, I am somewhat consumed by MamaTess’ care.

I have no update other than… this is a slow and arduous process.  MT is happy, fairly comfortable and begs for food every chance she gets.  However, she is not out of the woods and is not recovering as rapidly as her previous bouts with laminitis and founder.

I’ve shed many tears and so have the vets.

I was touched last night when the young vet who gave Tess her ‘traumatic trim’, came by and visited. She buried her face into Tess’ mane and apologized through puddles of tears.

I was very moved.

I’m hoping there were real other worldly beings listening to that very powerful admission.  I hope the prayers of love and forgiveness shared between those two souls last night does not go unnoticed – because MT could use the boost.  And I know the vet really is having a difficult time with this…

Tess totally forgave her.  That was clear.

…All I have to say is that Founder Sucks.

MamaTess tonight - begging me for more dinner.   Pleading with her eyes...

MamaTess tonight – begging me for more dinner. Pleading with her eyes…

"Hey, where are you going?  My feed bucket is over here..."

“Hey, where are you going? My feed bucket is over here…”  She was nickering to me when I took this.


LAST NIGHT – OY. Now what?!…

I came home from work last night and immediately headed to the barn to feed and attend to the patient.

About halfway into the feeding, I heard a horrible crashing and thrashing in the pony pasture.

Uh Oh.

I ran over there, wondering who was cast and if I should go run and get Hubby first or look first…

I decided to asses the situation so I ran to their shelter.

There he was.  Dodger.  Rolling.


I looked up to the sky and shook my fist.

Me:  Really?! REALLY?!

But, no time for dilly dallying.

I haltered Dodger and brought him to the barn.  Luckily, this was the beginning of his episode.

Immediately, I administered Equine Colic Relief (NO AFFILIATION) with an added full syringe of water as a chaser – and Banamine.

I didn’t hear any gut sounds and he was pawing the ground.

I called the vet.

As they say when you buy the Equine Colic Relief, use it while you wait for the vet…

That’s what I did.

No Affiliation... I've used it and I will always have it on my shelf!  Click image to go to the website.

No Affiliation… I’ve used it and I will always have it on my shelf! Click image to go to the website.



The young girl vet arrived about a half hour later.  In the meantime, I had noticed some gut sounds emerging.

Good.  But he was still uncomfortable.  He wasn’t himself.  He wasn’t moving much.

The vet listened to his gut, took his vitals and gave me my options…  tube him, etc…

I said that maybe we should wait a bit.  Maybe we should go talk to Tess and look her over.  By that time, maybe the pony would be better.

Well, the vet and I got to talking all about Tess and her founder – we took her vitals and rewrapped her feet… we chatted about her treatment and prognosis…

We forgot all about Dodger, who was now roaming around the aisleway.

When we did notice him, he seemed back to his normal self.  He had gut sounds and was clearly much more comfortable and moving about.


The vet decided that tubing him would be a waste of my money and that it seemed that he was recovering on his own.

I swear, that stuff is golden.  I just ordered two more doses.

Dodger tonight   He is back outside but I am watching him closely.

Dodger tonight …  He is back outside but I am watching him closely.


OK, I admit, it isn’t a huge check… but for the first month of having the Icon up there on the website – for any reader to use as a portal should they need to order any tack or clothes that Riding Warehouse carries – it isn’t too shabby.

That would buy two bales of hay or two bags of grain for a needy horse.

I’m excited!  If every Horse and Man reader bought an endurance item, a feed bucket, thrush medicine or boots or whatever… man o’ man, imagine the possibilities!  The Bucket Fund could really right some wrongs in the horse world…

I know, I know… we are all deal shoppers.  Everyone has their ‘go-to’ equine outlet… But, just check it out and if it feels right, please use this portal to benefit the Bucket Fund.

(The Bucket Fund doesn’t have a bank account or a checking account – for tax purposes.  It is all done through Pay Pal so that there is a concrete paper trail.  Since the BF doesn’t have a checking account, I had Riding Warehouse send the check to my corporation that umbrellas Horse and Man – Itchy Fingers Films.  Then I can transfer the money to the Horse and Man Pay Pal account.)


The first check, although small... it worked!  Riding Warehouse came through!  And, thank you to the readers who  used the portal to purchase from them!

The first check, although small… it worked! Riding Warehouse came through! And, thank you to the readers who used the portal to purchase from them!


HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth… if you like this, please pass it around!


Your Purchase with Riding Warehouse through thIs portal helps the  Bucket Fund!

Your Purchase with Riding
Warehouse through this portal helps the 
Bucket Fund!

HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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  1. RiderWriter

    I am so glad to hear Mama Tess is doing okay. Her eyes certainly are bright! But then, she has unusually beautiful and expressive equine eyes. :) I am also glad the young vet admitted her mistake and apologized to you and MT. Too many time professionals refuse to acknowledge their errors. The vet has learned a valuable lesson… I’m just sorry it was at the expense of your beloved mare.

    I wish I had known about the Bucket Fund button on the Riding Warehouse website. My tack purchases, sadly, are few and far between (not being a horse owner) but I just bought a new helmet from them on International Helmet Awareness Day. Phooey! I did it over the phone and the CSR didn’t mention the Fund and I didn’t know to ask. They were extremely nice to deal with, so you can bet the next time I need something I will buy from them and make sure there’s a donation included!

  2. Mary

    Thank you for the Mama Tess update…prayers and white light still going out.

    Kudos to the young vet for seeing/admitting her mistake and asking for forgiveness…takes a strong person to do that.

    Question on the Riding Warehouse…I’m assuming that sales, hence donations, through the portal will work “forever”…meaning it wasn’t just for last month. Yes? GREAT because I love what I bought and will buy more.

  3. Arliss

    Sending prayers and good thoughts for Mama Tess and you, and Dodger! And for your dear young vet, too — how wonderful she sounds.

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