Surprise Surprise!! Look who arrived!

This all happened very quickly!

As you all know, I was formally a small Morgan horse breeder/show person.  I lost my last two Morgans within a few months of each other, a few months ago.  Gwen was Mama Tess’ first baby and Wrigley was Mama Tess’ last baby.  It was tough on me.

Yes, I have plenty of horses.  I hear you.


So you heard about Isabelle.  She came into the fold because she was left at our vet hospital… and I was feeling weepy.  Besides, she was probably a Morgan!  So she came here.

Probably a Morgan?   My weepy thought process:  Then I can maybe breed her to one of my favorite stallions that passed several years ago – and have one more baby!

But, it turned out that Izzy is only half Morgan… and I am a purist.  I couldn’t waste straws of precious frozen semen for half a Morgan mare.

Then I started looking for Morgans already trained for trail.  Nope.  Then young Morgans… all very high priced.  I joined all the networks, websites and FB pages.  Hmmmmm.

And then I found out about these two.  A breeder in Colorado had a fence accident which brought forward more foals than needed this year.  The breeder advertised the excess babies.  The babies were all sold except one (a red-headed filly).  Hmmmmm.  Although I felt moved to help… I didn’t want a baby to travel any distance without a buddy.

I asked if Mama could come, too, not thinking the breeder would agree.  Mama, as it turns out, is only 3 and seemed to be very loved by the breeder.  (The oops pregnancy.).  I think since the breeder was a bit overwhelmed, she agreed!  Yes, I could have Mama and baby both – and they could travel together.  Wha?  Really?!

And that’s how it happened.

Both are 100% Morgan and both are papered.  And both needed a new home.

They arrived on Sunday!!!!!!!


Trusted hauler, Marlene, coming up the driveway on Sunday. (Just ask me if you want her contact information. Marlene Dodge on FB.)

Expertly maneuvers into the paddock. (Poor Dominic had to give up his pasture. He was not happy about that. I don’t really blame him… He had the best pasture.)

Mama and Baby run over to the nearest horse, who happened to be Izzy. I put her in next to the newbies because she is an experienced broodmare – and older. I thought she could be a comfort and an educator.

They moved around a lot so picture taking was tough! Mama is small, just how I like them. But she’s only 3 so she will grow more.

Baby was quite lethargic upon arrival. She ate and drank and pooped, but she was just worn out.

They settled in easily. Both have been handled a lot.

Mama is very sweet and very pretty.

The vet was out today to give her shots, wormer and baby exam.





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  1. Joanne Stefanyshyn

    Congratulations! Looking forward to finding out how these two new ones settle in – and grow (in the case of the filly).

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