Such a surprise and kind gesture! Everyone needs soap right now… click for story.

Time for a nice, goodwill human-kindness story.

I’m adding this photo… it has nothing to do with this story, but people like photos of horses and everyone needs a smile right now.


About 2 weeks ago, a couple came into my work.  They were very nice.  I asked them where they were from and what they were doing in Paso… the usual curiosities.

Well, it ends up that they had been at a very large and exhausting trade show in Los Angeles.  Having done those in my previous life when I owned a store, I had total empathy and asked what they sold.

The nice woman said, “Beautiful soaps that I make myself with all natural ingredients and essential oils.”

“OOOhhhh,” I said, “You are speaking my language!  I love nice soaps!”

After that, we went on chatting.

As they were leaving, I couldn’t help myself.  Truly, I love natural, lovely scented soaps.  I swear, every time I go to TJ Maxx, I come home with 6 bars of soap.

So I asked inserted myself and if they had a card.  She said she did.

That night, I went to their site, SOAP CREEK.


I could have gone crazy buying soaps!  While on the Soap Creek site, I felt like I should eat the soaps instead of use them!  Ha!  But I did realize the when one cannot smell the fragrances, one isn’t sure.  Figuring that I’d probably like them no matter – AND because they were so inexpensive for handmade, natural, essential oil soaps – I decided I needed 4 bars.

So, I purchased 4 bars that very night.  (They have free shipping on all orders over $50!)

Don’t they look edible?!



OK, so I ordered 4 soaps…

What arrived was a sweet note from them, 8 BARS OF SOAP, 3 Lip balms and a heel smoother!!

WOW.  So unexpected and such a joy.

These people are the real deal.  Not only are they warm and kind, they make FANTASTIC soaps.  The reason you are only seeing 7 bars in the photograph is because I have the 8th bar in the shower.  I even opened the bar and used it before the present bar was finished.  I never do that!  Hubby and I both (and Hubby never mentions anything about whatever soap is in the shower) love how creamy our bar is and how lovely – Hubby even said that…  That is the best word.  These soaps are lovely.

Less than a week later, This is what arrived! 8 bars of soap (one is in my shower) 3 lip balms and a heel smoother!  As you can see, the bars are big!


Just for proof here, this is my original order.  Now, Fred and Roxy know nothing of my blog, they don’t know me at all.. they just did this out of the kindness of their hearts after meeting me for 30 minutes.  So nice!

On the top is the card they left with me. On the bottom is the card that was inserted into the soap that I currently have in our shower. Yum-Mee!

Here is my original order. You can see it was just 4 bars…

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