Such a great image… A one in a million photograph. Vincent J Musi.

This story below is from our friend, Vincent Musi.  He is a photographer.  You know him because of the dog portraits I’ve posted and his book:


I also follow his IG page.

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Remember last month when we supported photography?  Well, here is why Vincent joined up.  I love the story and the image.

Vincent’s story:

Cowboy Hat, Route 66

I’m often asked which is my favorite photograph.

I don’t have one of my own, but this one comes close if I did. It means a lot to me, but you can’t see any of that in the picture.

I’ve had a lot of great opportunities in my life, and working for National Geographic was one of them, coming in my 30s after a decade working for newspapers and other publications.

The year was 1996, the place Seligman, Arizona.

My feet were firmly planted on the side of the famous Route 66, and I was on assignment for National Geographic Magazine. My rental car was a cool purple convertible and NatGeo was paying for it! The top was always down. I carried two small Leica cameras and had a backpack full of film. My assignment, the great American road trip, was ahead of me.

I was on my way.

And when I raised my camera, my hat blew away.

Metaphor? Humbling for sure. That’s why the photograph has always been a reminder about choices, luck, friendship, chance, and a poorly fitted straw hat.

My colleagues at Vital Impacts have dedicated their lives to making meaningful photographs and are always looking for ways to make their work do more. Frustrated and horrified by the war in Ukraine, some have gone to document the tragedy.

Trying to contribute, I am proud to offer this image as part of IMPACT NOW for Humanitarian Relief with the photographers of National Geographic. 100% of profits will be donated to @directrelief, who are allocating these funds to the regions in the world in most need of humanitarian aid. They are working in Ukraine now to provide medical aid to people affected by the conflict.

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