SPRING HAS SPRUNG… my favorite time of year.

Spring is my favorite time of year… especially here because everything is green and lush!  Sadly, this green is only here for about 8 weeks.  Then the brown comes.    And doubly sad, the horses cannot possibly eat all of the green before it goes brown.  I have to hire weed whacking guys to take down the weeds because they are as tall as I am…

So, the weedwhacking starts this week.  But, until then, here is the bursting excitement of Spring around here!

Here We Go!

I’ve planted 80 trees here… But this one that was obviously here when we moved in, is my favorite. Last week, it burst forth with all new, very green leaves. I love this. Owls, vultures and doves live in this tree.

This is the lushness of the grass and weeds. It is tough to walk through… hard to believe it will all be brown by June.

This is the little plum tree that I planted last year – that Gwen ate. It is coming back! I will put wire fencing on the wood fence to keep her from sticking her head through and eating this poor thing again.

I planted this cherry tree 2 years ago. It is doing well.

This Sycamore and the plum behind it were planted 2 years ago. The plum is doing great! This Sycamore is leaning… due to the intense wind on this hill. It is staked and doing well.

This is a tiny plum tree that I planted last year – and something ate it. But, it seems to be coming back strong with little fruit on it already!

Here are the wild grape vines that give us both red and white grapes every year. We don’t water these… they just live.

The apple tree that I planted 3 years ago is now taller than I am – however it has never produced fruit. For the first time, I’m seeing blossoms, so maybe this year!

OK, so this weed has grown to this height in 3 weeks. It comes up to my shoulder. Amazing. This is why the weed whacker guy is coming. I cannot even see the horses on this end of the corridor!

We even have wild sweet peas growing by the haystack. Not sure if it came in with the hay or if a bird dropped the seeds…

You can see that the horses have eroded their paddocks so that the paddock floor is lower now… and the weeks are taller. I planted all of these trees 3 years ago. Most are doing well. The one furthest down the hill (barely seen here) broke it’s trunk in a wind storm last year. But it is coming back, too.

I planted a single Aspen tree, because it reminded me of Wyoming. It is blooming but I think it is lonely. And it hasn’t sprung up any seedlings. I wish it would … but I also think we are too dry here for it to thrive.

This is the newest and smallest tree. I planted this last year. It is an apple. So far, so good.

The great dog pathway!

Out of the 80 trees that I planted over the last 3 years… this tree is the one that is not thriving. I moved it last Fall. It was doing well, and then it wasn’t. I thought it was dead, but even this one is trying!

These Empress Trees are amazing. Hubby planted them 2 years ago and they are growing like crazy. The pink flowers are only there for about a week each year.

This fiery pink tree only has blossoms for a few days every Spring.

The former owners had planted wild iris everywhere… and they are everywhere.

Gerber Daisies are my favorite. They die off every winter… but they are coming back. I need to get out there and clear all the dead stuff and clean everything up. I should have tons of time this coming week, since we are all on lockdown anyway.

All of the rose bushes are just bursting!

These are very sweet smelling orange blossoms on the orange bush. Oranges are not supposed to thrive here, but this one does because it is next to the house and therefore insulated and warmed.

Before and After. I planted the tangerine and grapefruit trees next to the existing orange tree – 2 years ago. The grapefruit tree has grapefruit on it right now! I probably should pick them…

This tree is so big now, I cannot even match the frames. 3 years difference.

Look how many roses are about to pop on this bush! I swear by BLACK DIAMOND VERMICOMPOST.


I swear by Black Diamond Vermicompost.   She mails out her precious brews… I am SURE it will help you grow anything almost.  (no affiliation)

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