SOMEDAYS… you just have to watch SECRETARIAT to remember that anything is possible. Even the impossible. Come watch Him..

I cry every single time I watch the Belmont Stakes of 1973.

I swear.  The drive, determination and the utter “I’m gonna do it my way” attitude of this mighty horse, gets me every.single.time.

He was never spurred or whipped.  The horse just R A N.

And just in case you didn’t know, besides winning every race by a record after any race he lost (his groom says that Secretariat thought about his races – especially those he lost … in fact his groom said that when he lost, Secretariat would go to the back of his stall and THINK) – this horse had a heart more than twice the size of an average horse.


… I’m thinking that some of us might need to remember this story today… and have a huge grin on their faces while cheering!


First of all, if any of you missed the movie, SECRETARIAT (2010), this is the best scene.  Click here to watch this ultimate race.

Click image to watch the recreation of his Belmont win from the movie, Secretariat, heart of a Champion.

THE ACTUAL RACE – brings tears to my eyes every time… all before  enhancements came to racing… (not judging, just saying.)

Oh my gosh.  What a champion.  How could you not root for a horse who was this talented?!

Click here to watch footage of the actual race from 1973…

Click to watch the actual race from 1973.


CAN YOU IMAGINE?! Jockey Turcott looks back over his shoulder… In an interview, he said that the hoofbeats from behind got quieter and quieter… and he looked at the fence posts to see if he was really going that fast… but the horse was so smooth, he had to look back over his shoulder to see. THIS is a memory that one human can only dream about… like landing on the moon.  Amazing photo.

They called him the perfect horse. You couldn’t pick him apart. He was built to perfection.   And his copper coat was astounding in the sun.  Everyone that knew him said that Secretariat commanded attention.  He knew he was all that.  They even called him a ‘ham’ in front of photographers.  And, when he lost, he would sulk in his stall – and think.  He’d always win by a record after he lost.

And this… they said his front legs just ‘ate up’ the track in front of him. You can see it. He has a wide running stance. Awesome.

Some of you might not know that Secretariat’s heart was more than 2 times larger than other horses. Wow! His heart was huge in many ways… His owner said the HE won the race on his own. “He took his career in that direction.” Secretariat did this on his own.

I am told this is Secretariat’s heart vs a normal horse heart. I’m not sure if this is legitimate but I found it on Secretariat’s info page.

Secretariat’s jockey said that he ‘took flight’. It was effortless for Secretariat. He was made to run.


I watched this with GLEE.  Especially because there are interviews with those who knew him intimately… and it shows Secretariat after retirement, at play.  Such a gorgeous boy.

Here is the video.

Click image to watch this great story video.

THE DOCUMENTARY – BEFORE the movie… when Secretariat was voted top 60 athletes of the year!

So I found this older documentary about Secretariat.  This was before the movie… it almost felt like ESPN Sports Century had to explain why they picked a HORSE to be one of the top athletes.  I think this might be worth a watch.  I know it is a bit fuzzy, but the information is solid and so interesting.

Click to watch the documentary on ESPN



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  1. Hannah Yoder

    Tears! ??Secretariat! He’s also responsible for the existance of most of the Thoroughbreds today! There has never been and never will be another like him!

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