Some horses love water, some love dirt, and some love a combination: Mud!

You all probably know if your horse likes water.  I mean… the hose kind, not crossing kind of water.  (I’m sure we’ve all had horses that love to be bathed but hate crossing water…!)

I know, for example, that Finn and BG LOOOOOOVE sprinklers.  They also like it for me to hold a hose and they run through it.  Usually, they aim a particular body part towards the nozzle  until sufficiently doused and itch free, then they move slightly to the next important body area.

During the summer, when it is too hot to do any kind of riding – unless you leave the house at 0darkthirty – I like to make sure to give them at least 10 minutes of sprinkler time.

Finn loves to EAT the water.  He puts his mouth right into it as if he was flossing!  Finn can suck on an emitter all day, if I’d let him.  In Grass Valley, I gave him his own 4-nozzle emitter that I attached to the fence.  He’d sit there for hours!

Here, we don’t have enough water to do that… so I let them run through the sprinkler (that I put in their paddock at sprinkle time.

Wrigley, on the other hand, HATES the feel of water on his body.  He hates baths, too, even warm ones…  As you will see in these photos, Wrig scurries just outside the droplet perimeter.  He gets so excited, but is not willing to take the plunge.  However, he LOVES the combination of dirt and water = MUD.

Gwen HATES water, too (and so did their mother, Mama Tess… maybe it is genetic?!).  As you can see, she ran into the ‘far from the water’ paddock and tucked herself next to the gate.  ‘GET ME OUTTA HERE!’


Finn enjoys the spray. Wrigley moves around him – at a safe distance.

Wrig is excited and nervous. Here he is doing a nervous biting thing.

Now it is BG’s turn (they take turns). She usually starts with her backside.  Wrig is back up on the hill.

And then she turns around.

Finn is always so grateful for the water time. Note Wrigley in the back, hating a bit of spray that made it to him.

BG has had enough… so she switches with Finn.

Finn goes in for more. Wrigley runs around the back.

A wet BG… she is wondering if I have food. Finn adores her. Wrigley is still pacing away from the water.

BG goes back in…

Scoutypants wants NOTHING to do with the water and asks me WHY am I doing this with the horses?

Gwen has run to the distant pasture and sidled herself up against the gate. She wants AWAY from that spraying water!

Finn leaves for his roll. BG is satisfied. Wrigley is still running around.

I did a few things and came back to this… Clearly, Wrigley may not like water, but he does like MUD!




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