Some GOOD news! Babies!!

(My Mom continues to be hospitalized so my blogging will probably be more sparse for a while.)

GOOD NEWS!   Two of the HALTER RANCH BLM donkeys have had babies!

(To refresh your memory of the Halter Ranch BLM donkeys, click here.  Halter Ranch Winery agreed to adopt 4 BLM donkeys as well as the spotted Mama and Baby pairs.  This story is about the BLM donkeys which were adopted in mid January of 2021.)

As you all know, I no longer work at Halter Ranch Winery, but I still hear all the news!  And on Sunday, one baby was born easily… and on Monday, the next baby was born!  Now one more to go!  That Mama seems about a month off still, so we will keep you all posted!

Here are a few pics and a video taken by my friend, Shelly, who still works at Halter Ranch Winery.

This was the Instagram announcement from Halter Ranch Winery.

Mama #1 had this gorgeous baby on Sunday!  She looks totally folded still.

My friend has not been able to determine gender yet.

Here baby has unfolded a bit… it was later in the afternoon.

Note this 2nd Mama… she went the next morning…

Here was the announcement of the 2nd baby the very next day!


My friend, Shelly, made this video for us!  Click here.

My friend Shelly made this video for us. She still works at Halter.

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  1. Hannah

    Wow, my blm burro also had a baby! Must be that happens alot with the burros.

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