SO I WAS looking at this video and saw this pony…

I really miss having ponies.  Slick was so in-your-face adorable (little big man) and Dodger was so gentlemanly and proud… they were huge additions around here and they are missed.  Even Hubby mentioned that he misses the little ones.

Of course, Norma was bereft for several months after we lost Slick – and then again after we lost Dodger in April.

Me, well, I just miss all of what we had in Grass Valley… but having tiny, hilarious, fuzzy beings kicking about sure was a treat for 25 years.  Yes, I miss those hooligans.

Both Slick and Dodger were adopted.

I found Slick when I had Damien in training.

Damien was my show Morgan before I started this blog.  He did very well (World Champion Hunter) and I ended up selling him to a young girl who wanted to keep showing him in other divisions.

Anyway, the barn where Damien was in training was also a breeding barn (at that time).  And, to make things easier, they had a tiny stud doing all the ‘mare checks’.  That tiny stud was Slick.

Well, Slick was very small so he couldn’t see above the wood stall boards.  Knowing Slick, this must have driven him crazy because he was prone to undoing his latch, escaping and running up and down the barn aisles.  (I can just see him doing this!)

Suffice it to say, the barn owners wanted to get rid of him.  I felt so sorry for Slick, that I told them I would take him – and Slick was the very first horse I brought home to live at my house.


I felt that Slick needed a Buddy, so I went to the local horse auction and found Dodger.  He was an ex pony ring horse.  Knowing Dodger and how much he hated kids, I am guessing that his experience there was not good.

No one bid on Dodger so I got him for his meat price:  $26.50.

Around that same time, I heard of a very old (90+) farmer who was dispersing his donkey herd.  I went there and was overwhelmed with the number of donkeys present.  I had no way of choosing, so I asked the farmer which donkey was not buddied-up (because I wanted the donkey to buddy up to Slick), and he told me, “Norma Jean, she doesn’t have any friends”.

So I took her.

And the rest is history.


So I was looking through the video of all the donkeys that we are helping save through our Bucket Fund this month… As I was watching, I saw these tiny ears pop into view…

???  Tiny ears in a donkey video?

Then I saw them again!

So I zoomed in.

Yup.  A PONY!

So I texted Tahlia from All Seated in a Barn (the rescue that saved all of the donkeys) and asked her about the pony.

She said that she thinks he is in his teens and he only has one eye.


Let’s see where this leads us…

Up popped these tiny ears!!

He looked handsome! (This must be his good eye.)

This looks like his bad eye… But he’s cute for sure! I wonder if he is buddied up with any of the donkeys?!


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  1. Alexis

    DO IT!!! I got my “Christmas Pony” last Christmas Eve, yes, he’s still with me despite the myriad health challenges he has (and had, as a rescue) when he arrived at 9:30 pm Christmas Eve 2019. While I’ve had big horses all my life having started with riding a neighbor’s draft horse at age 3 (my legs stuck straight out, he was so wide and I was so small), I never gave up that little-girl dream of “a pony for Christmas.” This pony fits the wished-for Christmas “Merrylegs” pony description SO perfectly, right down to the tail so long it drags the ground, and a sweeter pony never graced this planet. Ponies are so special even when they have occasional “pony-tude.” Strongly recommend you get that pony right away – tis the season!

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