A selection of very creative HALLOWEEN HORSE COSTUMES!

I thought I’d compile a fresh list of recent equine costumes that I’ve found on the web.



I’m not sure what this is, but it is cute!

Very handsome indeed!

Sweet. Going to work together.

I’m not sure how I feel about this, but it is very creative.

I went to Catholic school so … I can relate.

He got pony instead of an ATV.

I love this!

Very creative!

Another horse going to work with owner…

I don’t know what this is? Tutu? But it is cute.


Very nice!

Too cute!

A perfect SuperHero stance and side kick!


He probably works at one of those jousting shows… but still handsome.

Go World Series!

Very clever!

Easy and perfect for a white horse!

Horse as canvas, nice…

Simple but it works!

Wow! A lot of white and a lot of work… I could not keep clean in that!

very pretty

Perfect little girl idea!

I love this.

Such a great shot!

A perfect face for this!


My alltime fav. I took this from my post in 2013. I still love it!!


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