It happened!!

Yesterday, when All Seated in a Barn brought the 4 BLM donkeys to Halter Ranch, she also brought a pony and 2 donkeys to MY HOUSE.   She had shown me a pic of the one-eyed pony and I thought we needed him, just in case Norma Jean decided to love him.

I told her to just pick 2 other donkeys that needed a home.  And, she did.  They all have battle scars from being in a kill pen.  They all need a really good grooming with warm water to loosen all of their hairy scabs.  They all need love, good nutrition and some medical attention.

Norma Jean is in the paddock next to them… just in case these guys bring in sickness.  They’ve been quarantined but they’ve also been very stressed. So, I’m just being cautious.  Anyway, Norma hasn’t seemed very interested.  I don’t think she has gotten a good look at the pony.   She has certainly heard the donkeys!

Part of me thinks that Norma doesn’t like new animals that take attention away from her… Or at least that is how she acts when I’m out there.

The older Jenny who is overweight and likes to bray. The tiny donkey is young and shy… and the one-eyed pony has a  bad eye that looks bad to me. The vet will be out as soon as I get a halter on him.

Introducing… well, I haven’t figured out their names yet!

I think the pony (whose bad eye looks bad.  I think it will need surgery.) should be “Jack”.  At the moment, he will almost let me touch him.  He is standoffish, but curious.  He will take treats, but not a halter.  I need to teach him over the weekend because the vet needs to see that eye.

Jack. He is the very same size as Dodger and Slick were.

The big donkey is older.  Probably around 20.   She has some grey in her face.  And, she is fat.  I think she is just fat… but I did notice her sides moving irregularly today.  I’m praying that she isn’t pregnant because I don’t have a barn or a stall to keep baby safe.  However, if she continues to grow, my neighbor has stalls…  Anyway, her bray is like a Wookie.  I swear.  She sounds like Chewbacca.  And her neck is fallen over (overweight) so she is kind of a Wookie Wonkey Donkey.  Not a very feminine name…   Her name will come.

Wookie Wonky Donkey has a lopped over mane from fat… and lumpy back fat. She looks like Norma Jean did a while back. Since Norma is 27, I think this one is around 20. She is starting to grey up on her forehead.

Tiny donkey is very petite and young.  I’m guessing that she is a a long yearling or 2 years old.  No idea, really… but she is very tiny and very demure.  I think her forelock looks like a mop top…  She will let me pet her, but only through the fence or though a panel.  She is very sweet.  I’m thinking Lilibeth because it sounds like “Little Bit” and that is what I kept calling her.  She is just a ‘little bit of a jenny’.  But not sure…

The mop-top tiny jenny.


I was trying to take a video of WWD when she brayed like a wookie, but so far, she quit before I could get my phone ready.  I did finally get a video of Little Jenny.  She let me pet her through the panel, so I tried my best.  It is kinda too up-close.

Click on the image below to watch!

Click image to watch her let me pet her – through the panel



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